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It’s a Vet’s Christmas

What do you do if your animal becomes seriously ill? Call your vet. What if it’s late at night, or a bank holiday - or even Christmas Day? Same again - call one of us.
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Pet, not present

With Christmas on the horizon, hopefully you’re well on the way with plans, festive decorations, presents and food. However, there’s one present that, although it might seem like a lovely idea, is rarely suitable - a pet. Sadly, we’ve allowed ourselves to forget that a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or rat isn’t a toy, or a consumer durable, or (worst of all) a disposable item. In reality, he or she is a living, breathing, thinking and feeling being. So is it reasonable to give a pet away as a gift? We don’t think so, and in this blog, we’re going to look at why.
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Have a Safe Christmas

Christmas time should be for the whole family. Although not human, pets are a valued part of the family. Changes in routines and people can unnerve our pets, but with a little extra thought, there is no reason they should not be able to join in the fun!
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Animals at Christmas – Quiz Answers!

I hope everyone and their animals have had a great Christmas! Now, on Christmas Eve we posted a festive Quiz - so here, as requested, are the answers! If you haven’t answered the Quiz yet - give it a go here… and no cheating with Google...
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Animals at Christmas – A VetHelpDirect Festive Quiz!

If you think about it, the Christmas stories we tell are full of animals. There’s the donkey carrying Mary in the Nativity story (cue “Little Donkey” from everyone who has fond memories of 1980s nativity plays!), sheep (with the shepherds) and cattle (in the stable). If we go further back, animals feature even more prominently - with spiders, cockerels and deer all getting a mention, not counting all the food animals commemorated in The Twelve Days of Christmas (which, some people say, is a musical recipe for a mixed game pie!). Then of course there are St Nicholas’/Santa’s/Father Christmas’ famous reindeer:
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Should we feed Rudolf carrots?

An important question for 24th December maybe. A serious question too, as reindeer have become popular to keep for Christmas displays in the UK; looking after them, however, can be problematic... 
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