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Are all vets banning people from entering practice?

A colleague of mine recently took her dog to the vet, after a long illness. At the vets, the nursing staff came to her in the car park, and took him away. The next she heard was the vet giving her a phone call, as she sat in her car, and told her he thought it was time to put her dog to sleep. He was as supportive as he could be. But it wasn’t exactly the way to receive bad news that any of us would choose for our pets. And while my colleague was allowed into the practice for euthanasia, it seems that some practices aren’t even allowing that. It’s something that a lot of pet owners are finding very distressing at the moment. While pubs, and most shops, and even some beauty parlours are open, why are some vets still not allowing people inside?


When will my vet start neutering and spaying again?

The COVID lockdown brought ‘emergency-only’ appointments for veterinary practices across the UK. For the first 8 weeks, your pet would only be given an appointment if a delay in being seen would severely affect their health or welfare. Vaccinations were put on hold; neutering appointments were cancelled… But the lockdown is lifting - so can your vets spay your pets?

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Covid 19 – what can medicine learn from vets’ experience?

As the pandemic rumbles on, with more and more people being infected day by day, our colleagues in human medicine are frantically searching for effective treatments, controls, and (hopefully!) a vaccine. The front-line health workers are also trying to maintain healthcare standards in very difficult circumstances - and good luck to them! Unfortunately, with the exception of the brief spikes of activity around SARS and MERS, coronaviruses haven’t really been on the human medical profession’s radar. 

For those of us in the veterinary profession, though, coronaviruses are a routine part of our work, in both the companion animal and farm animal sectors. Over the years we’ve picked up a lot of experience in dealing with them. I’ve written about One Health before - and this is a classic example of a situation where we all need to learn from each other!

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Surge in new pets as families enter lock-down

Under current government guidelines, rehoming of pets now doesn’t count as essential travel, affecting breeders and rehoming centres across the country. 

The week before lockdown, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home experienced a surge in adoptions when it homed 86 dogs and 69 cats compared to 42 dogs and 39 cats the week prior and 39 dogs and 52 cats the same week the year prior. The Dogs Trust also reported a 25% increase in adoptions

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The restrictions on Veterinary Practices in the UK are going to be loosened

There has been an announcement. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has announced that the restrictions on Veterinary Practices in the UK are going to be loosened.

Let us consider what that might look like and what will it mean for us and our pets.


Looking after cats in the Coronavirus Lockdown

As a human sharing your life and space with a cat you’ll already know that your feline friend is VERY SET in their routines, habits and territory. In these unprecedented times (how many times have you read that phrase lately?!?!) our poor cats are now forced to share their core territory – their safe space. Some cats might love this (I think of the social Siamese), but I’d venture to say that most of them are finding this all a little stressful.

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