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Life as vet - what its like
Are vets more interested in the health of their patients or the money in their pockets?
I recently wrote a blog here titled "Debunking myths about “rip off" veterinary fees”, and since then, the subject of money has continued to be one of the banes of my life as a vet in practice. My aim in life is to do a…
October 3, 2014 • 1 shares • 18 comments
Life as vet - what its like
Debunking myths about "rip off veterinary fees"
"Rip-off veterinary fees" were the subject of a recent poll on a vets-only website. In answer to the question "How often does your practice receive complaints about the prices it charges?", the results were: All the time…
August 26, 2014 • 169 shares • 99 comments
News and Comment
Is Paul O'Grady mad to spend so much money on his terminally ill dog?
Paul O'Grady, the comedian-turned-dog-advocate, hit the news this week when he talked about spending over £8000 in vets' fees to treat his nine year old Cairn Terrier Olga for cancer of the kidney. The Daily Mail reports…
March 21, 2014 • 1 shares • 12 comments
Horses and money - is it really either/or?
With the new financial year, and the recent bad weather, everyone involved in and working with horses is trying to make money go a bit further. Among other issues, the cost of medicines is rising every month (many drugs…
April 17, 2013
What is an iris cyst and how is it treated in dogs?
What is an iris cyst and how is it treated in dogs?
Question from David Keown My 9 year old GSD has a black disk like cataract in one eye. Can it be removed safely and what's the prognosis for a good recovery. Would this be expensive to remove? Is this usually done by my…
April 11, 2013 • 13 shares • 6 comments
Life as vet - what its like
Cost of Vets - A sad story but an important message
This week I was in a situation which made me feel angry, sad, frustrated and powerless all at once. I wanted to share it because I think it highlights a really important issue about vets, pet care and cost. However, I wi…
October 8, 2012 • 3 shares • 12 comments
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