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Vet Panel: Dogs and puppies with diarrhoea

Digestive upsets are a really common condition in dogs and puppies. So we’ve gathered a vet panel of our regular writers to talk about it for you! They are vets David Harris (DLH), Laura Waring (LW) and  Rachel Kenvyn (RK) and final year vet student Joe Dunne (JD).

JD Oh, and please finish your lunch before reading this article, as today we are talking about the unpleasant topic of dog diarrhoea. 

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How serious is Wet Tail in hamsters?

The term ‘wet tail’ can be used to describe a variety of conditions in hamsters, some more serious than others. True Wet Tail is a serious gastrointestinal infection which can be life-threatening. However, the term ‘wet tail’ is sometimes used more generally to describe any condition resulting in diarrhoea or wetness around the back end. 

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Why is my dog being sick?

In the past, the wild ancestors of our pet dogs had to be opportunistic when it came to food in order to give themselves as much nutrition as possible. It wasn't certain when the next meal would be along! Perhaps this helps explain why our modern day canine friends are prone to eating… well, lots of things they shouldn’t! This can sometimes make them unwell - and "dog being sick" shows up with depressing frequency on every vet's waiting list! 

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Should I give my cat cow’s milk?

The iconic image of a kitty with milk-stained whiskers, licking its lips with delight, has to be one of the most stereotypical animal-food relationships, among other joys such as a donkey with a carrot, a cow with a buttercup or a safe of ducks harassing the elderly for a loaf of bread. (Yes I did have to check the term for “a group of ducks on land”…). However, is milk good for cats? Or, of even greater concern, is it bad for cats?

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Do dogs get food allergies?

Dogs do indeed get food allergies, however, the terminology in this area can be confusing. In this blog, we’ll break down what a food allergy is, what signs your dog may have, and what can be done. 

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Why has my bunny got a mucky bottom?

As this week is rabbit awareness week let’s start with some fun digestive facts about rabbits!  
Fun fact one:
Despite their small, furry appearance a rabbit’s digestive system greatly resembles that of a...
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