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What vaccinations does a new puppy need?
What vaccinations does a new puppy need?
One of the common concerns new pet owners have is regarding the vaccination of their puppies. There is conflicting information not only on which vaccines to give, on whether to vaccinate puppies at all and on how to bala…
May 21, 2021 • 6 shares
What vaccines does my dog really need?
What vaccines does my dog really need?
This is a question that comes up time and time again in practice… and with so much focus on (human!) vaccination in the news, we thought we’d take another look at it… So, we’ve assembled a panel of vets to talk about vac…
February 6, 2021 • 61 shares
Do dogs need distemper vaccines?
Do dogs need distemper vaccines?
Distemper is a highly infectious virus which affects dogs, ferrets and foxes. The virus can cause a number of syndromes from a mild lethargy and high temperature to severe respiratory disease or inflammation of the nervo…
January 27, 2021 • 9 shares
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New Year, New Diseases? What to look out for...
It’s always traditional at this time of year to look back at the previous year, and make some predictions about the one to come. 2016 was an… interesting… year in infectious diseases, and I think 2017 might be even more…
January 17, 2017 • 22 shares • 11 comments
Dog Vaccinations: are they really necessary?
Tomorrow is World Veterinary Day (WVD), an annual event that highlights the role of veterinary profession around the world. This year's theme is the importance of vaccination to animal health. Over the past two hundred y…
April 25, 2013 • 94 shares • 47 comments
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