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What is Canine Cushing’s Disease?

Today we will be discussing a relatively common disease of the endocrine system called Cushing’s disease. Mostly seen in dogs, Cushing’s disease is where the adrenal glands overproduce certain hormones leading to problems body-wide. We will discuss the types of Cushing’s disease, its symptoms, and how we diagnose and treat it.

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Does my dog have epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a term used to describe repeated seizures or fits. Sometimes these fits can be one-off events, or several can occur in a short space of time. They may be quite infrequent or occur regularly.

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Grain-Free Food: Is it Good or Bad?

In the first of a new series on “controversial topics”, we asked vet student Joe Dunne to review the evidence on Grain-free foods for dogs, and the potential health issues. Here’s his take on the situation!

Pet food manufacturing is a big industry. Every day there are more products on our shelves, more adverts featuring cute dogs on TV, and more recommendations on social media. It can certainly make us feel a bit clueless while shopping for kibble. While choice is always a good thing, an increased consumer appetite (pun intended) for ‘exotic’ pet diets, such as grain-free diets, may be causing unintended health issues in our dogs. One of the most talked-about is a potential link to these diets and heart disease in dogs. Today we will be discussing these unusual diets and their potential risks. You can make an informed decision on what your dog devours daily.


Might my pet be diabetic?

Diabetes is estimated to affect 1 in 200 cats, and 1 in 300 dogs in the UK, although it may be under-diagnosed. In both species it’s said to be on the increase. According to a 5-year study of 900 pets by insurer Animal Friends started in 2011, cases of diabetes in dogs have risen by 850% and cats by 1,161%.

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Worm Tales 3: Lungworms

We know of some great animal journeys.

We can watch them on TV. So many weird and wonderful animals pass through so many strange places on Earth. Salmon migrate by leaping upriver; crabs scuttle over the ground; locusts swarm; grazing herds wander; whales go miles and miles using echolocation. But the journey that I’m going to marvel at today takes place on a much smaller scale. And that’s the journey of a parasite we know as Lungworm.
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Surely it isn’t really dangerous to throw sticks for dogs?

This is a topic that comes up again and again - but sadly, it is true! Over the last year or so, there has been a growing chorus from vets to warn people of the (very real) dangers of throwing sticks for dogs - sadly hindered by celebrities who should know better. Yes, it’s true that many dogs catch sticks every day of their lives and never have a problem, but how would you feel if it was your dog that became impaled, abscessed, or bled to death from a lacerated artery?
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