Does Firework Fear really kill dogs?
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Does Firework Fear really kill dogs?
Another fireworks season has begun, and already we’re seeing reports of dogs being “scared to death” by fireworks. This isn’t an isolated incident either - every year similar reports surface (for example, in 2018, 2017…
November 5, 2019 • 682 shares • 19 comments
Fireworks, Dogs and Cats: The ABC
Fireworks, Dogs and Cats: The ABC
November, November, the month to remember… ...but for too many of our dogs and cats, fireworks make it a month they want to forget! With Fireworks Season stretching from October to January nowadays, while it may be fun f…
October 18, 2019 • 37 shares
Fear of fireworks can affect cats as well as dogs: how do we know, and what can we do to help them?
In the veterinary blogging world, there are key seasonal topics that come up every year: hazards around the home at Christmas, chocolate poisoning at Easter, heat stroke in summer and, of course, the fear of fireworks at…
November 2, 2015 • 6 shares • 2 comments
Preparing for Fireworks – with Sound?
Firework fears are one of the commonest behavioural issues we see in practice – unsurprisingly, a lot of dogs spend the week on either side of Bonfire Night terrified. In almost every case, this is because of the noise –…
October 23, 2015
Fireworks in the equine world! - How to keep your horse safe this Bonfire Night
This year, 5th November is on a Tuesday - and that means we're not expecting a Fireworks Night so much as a Fireworks Week! As prey animals, horses are by their very nature predisposed to panic at loud noises, especially…
October 29, 2013 • 96 shares
Remember,'s time to plan for fireworks night 2012. Cats and dogs that are scared of fireworks.
Fireworks can be an enjoyable spectacle, but not for everybody. Many dogs and cats are very frightened by loud noises, and in some this fear is severe enough to be a noise phobia. For these pets and their owners, the day…
October 10, 2011
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