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Is my dog at risk of a pyometra?

You might have heard of pyometra before; despite being common, it is one of the most deadly diseases that we vets come across. 

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Why did the vet prescribe… antibiotics?

If there’s one thing that can make a vet cringe, it’s not blood, guts or abscesses. It’s the misunderstanding and confusion surrounding antibiotics. Antibiotics are one of the most common prescriptions we make, with the average vet prescribing 2-3 courses every day. But what are antibiotics, and how do they work?

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Does my dog have a skin infection?

Pyoderma literally means skin infection with the formation of pus. This can occur in all pets and is uncomfortable and irritating. The cause can be simple, for example a bite or scratch or more complicated and signify hidden disease.

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Cats and Coronavirus – Indoors or Out?

There’s been a lot of worry recently about cats and coronavirus, and this has culminated today in some very panicky reports from otherwise reputable news services. In this blog, we’re going to quickly explore the ins and outs, and look at what the real risks are.

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Can I catch coronavirus from my pet?

Updated 27/07/2020

It seems highly likely that the new coronavirus, catchily named COVID-19, originated in animals. The current consensus seems to be that it is primarily a bat virus, although some genetic input from related coronaviruses circulating in snakes or pangolins has also been suggested. As a result, wondering if it could be transmitted to - or even by - other animal species is a reasonable question to ask. Can dogs carry coronavirus? Can cats carry coronavirus? In fact, can any pet carry coronavirus? In this blog, we’re going to look at the evidence, and discuss realistic ways forward for animal owners and veterinary organisations.


Coronaviruses and Animals – what’s the risk?

For the last week or so, the world has been watching with horror the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of a new viral disease outbreak. The catchily-named 2019-nCoV is a coronavirus, one of a very large family, but this particular version is very new (in fact, genetic research is suggesting that it might be only a few months old, having evolved by spontaneous mutation late in 2019). However, Coronaviruses themselves are nothing new - they are in fact ubiquitous, and most species of animals seem to have their own. So, what do we know about coronaviruses? Where did this one come from? And what’s the impact, especially on animals, likely to be? 
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