Top Five Causes of Itching in Cats
Top Five Causes of Itching in Cats
Cats are known to be fastidious creatures, and regular grooming alongside the odd scratch is perfectly usual for our feline companions. However, excessive scratching and itchy skin is not, and can be very uncomfortable f…
June 4, 2020 • 50 shares
The Itchy and Scratchy Show - pet style!
The Itchy and Scratchy Show - pet style!
It always makes me laugh when I catch myself internally chastising itchy animals which are hurting themselves by constantly scratching .“Why doesn’t it just stop scratching?!” I ask myself. Then I think of my recent situ…
July 6, 2016 • 12 shares • 3 comments
Ask a vet
Ask A Vet Online - My cat is itchy with watering eyes...
Ellie Masters asked: My cat is scratching above his eyes and losing fur, sometimes his eyes water too. this happened earlier in the summer he went through testing nothing found, he's treated with stronghold so no fleas e…
January 28, 2016 • 83 shares • 45 comments
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