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Kennel Cough

Dog Vaccinations: are they really necessary?
Tomorrow is World Veterinary Day (WVD), an annual event that highlights the role of veterinary profession around the world. This year's theme is the importance of vaccination to animal health. Over the past two hundred y…
April 25, 2013 • 94 shares • 47 comments
Holiday Time for Pets.
At this time of year many people are planning their summer holidays, and so need to make arrangements for their pets too. Some people use their family, friends or pet-sitters to care for their pets in their own home; oth…
March 3, 2010
What is Kennel Cough in dogs and how is it treated?
What is Kennel Cough in dogs and how is it treated?
As a boarding kennel owner and a vet, I am often asked about this illness. From my point of view it has an unfortunate name, which implies that it only occurs in kennels. In fact an outbreak can occur in any area, and be…
November 30, 2009 • 5 comments
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