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Why did the vet prescribe benazepril?
Why did the vet prescribe benazepril?
Benazepril is a relatively commonly prescribed drug in both human and pet medicine. It can be useful in the management of different conditions, including heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure (hypertensi…
August 21, 2021 • 29 shares
Why did the vet prescribe water tablets?
Why did the vet prescribe…
Why did the vet prescribe water tablets?
Diuretics are medicines used to treat fluid retention. Your pet’s kidneys manage fluid levels in their body. If their body is dehydrated, the kidney reabsorbs water preserving as much as possible. If blood volume and blo…
October 24, 2020 • 21 shares
Ask a vet online 'symptoms to know if your dog has kidney failure'
Question from Susanne Hayward: how come no symtems to know if your dog has kidney failier Answer from Shanika Winters: Hi Susanne and thank you for your question about how to know if your dog has kidney failure. I will a…
February 17, 2015 • 5 shares • 16 comments
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Lilies are Downright Dangerous
As far as plants go, lilies are among the most beautiful. They smell lovely and seem to last forever, making them a fantastic addition to any floral arrangement. Humans adore them and most animals aren’t bothered by them…
December 27, 2011 • 8 shares
Lily poisoning in cats
Lily poisoning in cats
Lilies are beautiful flowers, exotic in appearance and heavily scented. They are often included in bouquets and floral arrangements, but cat owners need to know that they are extremely poisonous if eaten, or even if poll…
May 2, 2010 • 104 shares • 139 comments
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