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Worm Tales 3: Lungworms
Worm Tales 3: Lungworms
We know of some great animal journeys. We can watch them on TV. So many weird and wonderful animals pass through so many strange places on Earth. Salmon migrate by leaping upriver; crabs scuttle over the ground; locusts…
April 26, 2019 • 42 shares • 2 comments
Ask a vet online - ' Is too many wormer tablets bad for my dog?'
Ask a vet online - ' Is too many wormer tablets bad for my dog?'
Question from Gillian Richards I have a American bull dog and every couple of weeks as worms I have giving 1 dose wormer tablets but is to many wormer tablets bad for her or is their another wormer I could use to treat i…
May 7, 2013 • 233 shares • 331 comments
Lungworm Photo Shoot
In my career both as a vet and in the media I’ve been asked to do some fairly strange things – pulling a guinea pig’s head out of a coconut, dressing up as a 50’s garage mechanic in the Blue Peter pantomime and dancing t…
May 6, 2010 • 13 shares • 2 comments
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