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Rabbit Friendly Practice – How To Find A Vet

Most small-animal vets will be happy and very capable to provide veterinary treatment to rabbits. However, like everything you will find that there are some vets who will have a particular interest in treating rabbits. These vets may have made provisions in their practices to make sure they are as rabbit friendly as possible and equipped to deal more confidently with rabbit health issues. So how do you find them? 

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Do rabbits need friends?

Rabbits are highly social animals that thrive with a friend. Even with human interaction, companions offer benefits that no human ever can. If you are considering purchasing a rabbit, please consider a pair of bunny companions.

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Do rabbits get ear mites?

Yes they do! Ear mites cause a disease called ‘ear canker’ in rabbits. The mites cause inflammation, irritation and discharge that can lead to infection spreading into the middle and inner ear. To prevent this, early identification and treatment is essential.  

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What’s an ulcer? And does my pet have one?

Why do animals get ulcers? A Very General Veterinary Guide

'Ulcer' is an ugly sort of word in my opinion. This is appropriate, because ulcers are painful and unpleasant. But what - exactly - is an ulcer, where are they found and how do they occur?

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My rabbit has toothache – what can I do?

Rabbits have impressive and fairly unique dentition within the animal kingdom. However, problems with their teeth can result in an array of health issues as well as cause your bunny significant discomfort. A lot of us know how painful toothache can be! Read on to find out how to identify and deal with dental problems in rabbits. 

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My rabbit isn’t eating, is that a bad sign?

This one is an emergency. Larger animals, particularly carnivores and omnivores, can go for a few days without eating. But rabbits are different.