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What’s an ulcer? And does my pet have one?

Why do animals get ulcers? A Very General Veterinary Guide

'Ulcer' is an ugly sort of word in my opinion. This is appropriate, because ulcers are painful and unpleasant. But what - exactly - is an ulcer, where are they found and how do they occur?

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My rabbit has toothache – what can I do?

Rabbits have impressive and fairly unique dentition within the animal kingdom. However, problems with their teeth can result in an array of health issues as well as cause your bunny significant discomfort. A lot of us know how painful toothache can be! Read on to find out how to identify and deal with dental problems in rabbits. 

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My rabbit isn’t eating, is that a bad sign?

This one is an emergency. Larger animals, particularly carnivores and omnivores, can go for a few days without eating. But rabbits are different.

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Why is my rabbit afraid of me?

You probably think Bugs Bunny is a pretty confident character, but I think we can all agree that real life rabbits are quite the opposite - timid and shy, rabbits often prefer to be left alone munching on hay over being cuddled. In fact, some rabbits may even be afraid of their surroundings, sudden noises or even their owners. So what causes fear in these anxious bunnies? In today’s article, we will discuss the causes of fear in rabbits and what you can do to help them be less afraid.

Is your Pet Sociable or Solitary?

As humans, most of us have an inbuilt need for company. We tend to gather in groups of at least two people, and from individual friendships through to the whole of society, we understand the importance of social contact for our physical and mental health. This Valentine’s Day I’m sure many of you will be celebrating your relationships. Our pets are quite different. Although some species, like dogs, enjoy company, others do not. Is your pet solitary or social?
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Why is my rabbit lopsided?

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes - floppy lop-ears, sticky-up ears and some in-between; but whatever their ears are doing your bunny shouldn’t have a head-tilt. There are a few different reasons why your rabbit might develop one, some of the causes are more common than others, but all of them require urgent assessment and treatment.
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