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First Steps for First Time Rabbit Owners

Rabbits make very rewarding pets for dedicated owners, with every rabbit having their own unique character. Many rabbit owners want to provide their pets with the highest quality care possible, so as our knowledge of rabbit husbandry has improved over recent years, this has enabled owners to meet the welfare and behavioural needs of their rabbits. All new rabbit owners should ensure that they are able to fulfil these requirements so they can give their new pets a great quality of life. 
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Why are my rabbits fighting?

It’s completely normal to have the occasional disagreement in any household or relationship, but when these can’t be resolved or escalate into a full-blown domestic it’s a problem. The same goes for your pets and their relationships with each other. There can be many reasons why your rabbits might not be getting on. Their relationship can be influenced by their age, sex, neutering, and other stresses or changes in a household.
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Why is my rabbit not eating?

When rabbits stop eating, it’s usually serious. As prey species, they’re hard-wired to carry on as if nothing is wrong, to make sure they don’t look weak to a predator. Although there are lots of different reasons a rabbit may stop eating, they’re often very sick when this happens and I recommend taking them straight to a rabbit-savvy vet if you notice a drop in their appetite.

Why is my Rabbit Thumping?

Lots of things can cause a rabbit to ‘thump’, but it’s usually a response to a frightening situation. It’s probably a way of warning other rabbits that there’s something scary nearby. In fact, it’s a bit like a dog’s bark, a meerkat’s warning screech or a parent’s worried yell... except rabbits don’t tend to vocalise, and instead use the noise of their feet. This has the advantage that the noise will likely be easy to hear underground in their warrens, and the vibrations are likely to be felt, too.

Why has my bunny got a mucky bottom?

As this week is rabbit awareness week let’s start with some fun digestive facts about rabbits!  
Fun fact one:
Despite their small, furry appearance a rabbit’s digestive system greatly resembles that of a...
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Rabbit Awareness Week 2019

Good morning and welcome to another Rabbit Awareness Week! We’ve got lots of rabbit-themed posts coming up for you on our Facebook page, but first let’s talk a little bit about Rabbit Awareness Week, what it is, and what it means for you and your bunny.
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