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How and Why do vets Amputate Limbs?

Most people have, at some point, met a pet with only three legs. The reasons for amputating animals' limbs are as wide and varied as the reasons in humans.

Some pets develop tumours such as osteosarcomas, which sit in the bone and spread round the body. These can be painful and even when the tumour might have already spread, amputation may be the safest way to ensure future comfort. Other pets break their limbs and while most fractures can now be repaired, sometimes this is incredibly fiddly with a high risk of failure.

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What happens when the vet’s removing a lump?

What is a lump?

A lump is a swelling or growth that can appear on or under your pet’s skin. Finding a lump on your pet can be a worrying time but try not to panic – not all lumps are nasty. Lumps and bumps are more common in older pets but they can be found in younger animals too. Swellings or growths can simply be caused by a bruise or even an abscess so is not always a cause of concern. Whilst some dogs can develop cancerous growths please remember that there are many treatment options available. If caught early most cancers are treatable; just keep an eye on your pet for any new lumps and get them checked by your vet as soon as you notice them.