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Why is my Dog Twitching When He’s Asleep – Is He Dreaming?

No matter how strange the world seems to get, nothing seems to beat the weirdness that is night-time dreaming. From newborn babies to senior citizens, everybody dreams. You may be aware that when you dream, you often twitch, make involuntary movements or even talk! No doubt many partners have complained about it in the morning! But have you ever noticed that your dog twitches when he is asleep? Is he dreaming too? Well in today’s article, we will try to tackle the mysterious world of animal dreams.

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Is my Dog Sleeping Too Much?

Dogs seem to have a great ability to nod off and grab some shut-eye at any time of the day or night! But how do you know if your dog’s sleeping patterns are normal? Especially with a lot of us being at home with our pets more than usual just now, we may notice their day to day sleep patterns more. It can be easy to wonder whether they are sleeping too much. 

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