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Why does my dog snore?

Whether you find the sound of your dog’s snoring adorable or irritating, you may have wondered what is causing it. And whether you need to be concerned. Here we explain the many reasons for these musical efforts. Some are completely normal and some more worrying, with some simple tips for when you need to seek veterinary advice. 


Why is my dog snoring?

Most people think it’s cute and funny, and it’s true that hearing a dog snore does generally make us giggle. There are thousands of hits on YouTube for videos of dogs snoring, with the most popular having over half a million hits. Of course, it’s far less funny if your dog sleeps in your room and has a habit of waking you up at night. But hiding behind that strange noise could be all sorts of problems, so if your dog snores it’s worth having a check over by a vet.
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