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How do I Prepare my Tortoise for Hibernation?
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How do I Prepare my Tortoise for Hibernation?
Hibernation can cause health problems for tortoises, particularly when done without due care. Weight loss, unthriftiness and poor appetite are common post-hibernation complaints. A good system put in place to care for yo…
October 6, 2021 • 27 shares
Looking after elderly pets in the winter
Looking after elderly pets in the winter
Winter can be hard for elderly people, and elderly pets suffer more too.  Cats are considered elderly from 11 years of age, dogs at 7, but this depends on breed. Just as in humans, age brings changes: reduced smell,…
January 18, 2021 • 14 shares
Getting ready for winter walkies
Getting ready for winter walkies
The nights are drawing in now, and I’m quite enjoying the sunset being a little earlier- it means I’m more likely to see it whilst I go about my evening chores. My little dog, Pixie, is certainly enjoying the cooler weat…
September 30, 2019 • 29 shares
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Top Tips: Caring for Animals in the Cold
While anyone who was completely surprised by the freezing weather and snowstorms of the last couple of days obviously wasn’t paying attention (!), I think it’s fair to say that a lot of us were startled at how bad it act…
March 2, 2018 • 139 shares
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