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Digital Practice is already live at vet practices across the UK, including Vets4Pets in Emersons Green, Bristol. The team has been using it for two months now and have already experienced significant benefits for the service they provide and the overall experience for pet owners. Here’s what the team had to say about the platform…

So much phone traffic at a vet practice is about repeat prescriptions. It’s a burden on the reception team and an unnecessarily time intensive job for pet owners. But using WhatsApp to communicate with customers has helped us dramatically streamline the process. People can now order and pay for repeat prescriptions on their smartphones. It cuts out the hassle for pet owners and it has a massive impact on the running of the practice. We can concentrate more on the care we provide

Carla Puime Costoya, partner and veterinary surgeon at Vets4Pets Emersons Green, Bristol
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The experience pet owners receive is not just about the clinical part of our jobs. The administrative part of the experience has a huge bearing on whether people feel like they received quality pet care. By working with VetHelpDirect, we’ve been able to transform the softer side of our business, making life as stress free as possible for pets and their owners.

People can easily share videos and photos of their pets with us so we can triage what care they need. Feedback has been that the service helps put pet owners’ minds at ease and cuts unnecessary admin and stress for them and for the practice.

Oliver Vann, practice manager at Vets4Pets in Emersons Green, Bristol.
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You have made it so simple to communicate and it’s so much faster than the previous system. The response time is amazing. I like it as it allows me to be able to send messages when it’s convenient to me, and pick up the responses when I want to. Payment is so easy and it’s secure. Ordering meds and booking appointments is no longer a chore. I would only use the phone now if it was an emergency…. Although I believe I would also use WhatsApp for this due to the great speed of response. Thank you for making life easy.

Client comment from Vets4Pets in Emersons Green, Bristol.
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