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Do cats really get arthritis?

“He’s slowing down a bit now he’s older, of course…”  A phrase commonly heard in veterinary consultations, but is it true? Do cats just naturally slow down as they get older, or is there a more definitive reason?  …

Is it OK to grieve for my dog?

The short answer to this is yes. This is a subject that is much more talked about in recent times and can attract some quite controversial views and opinions. This is usually due to the fact that not every person (believe it or not!) has had the experience of owning a dog, o…

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Worried about your pet?

Designed and run by vets, the Vet Help Direct animal symptom checker directs you to personalised first aid advice and clear guidelines about when to contact the vet. Easy and fun to use, Vet Help Direct is the online source of reliable vet advice for concerned pet owners, horse owners and farmers.

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The awards are held annually and recognise veterinary practices across the UK that achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. The awards are hosted by us, – an independent vet reviewing platform and directory website.

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