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Savannah cat on a lawn

Do Savannah Cats make good pets?

Savannah Cats are beautiful, striking and full to the brim of immensely feline traits. They tend to be larger than the average domestic cat, and are very active and athletic. Descended from wild cats in very recent history, they have quickly gained in popularity, perhaps hel…

Cat calling and rolling in season

Do cats get periods?

Cats reach sexual maturity, and can get pregnant, from around 4 months of age. Hence current advice is to have your cat neutered around 4 months old to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But what happens if we don’t …

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Worried about your pet?

Designed and run by vets, the Vet Help Direct animal symptom checker directs you to personalised first aid advice and clear guidelines about when to contact the vet. Easy and fun to use, Vet Help Direct is the online source of reliable vet advice for concerned pet owners, horse owners and farmers.

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The awards are held annually and recognise veterinary practices across the UK that achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. The awards are hosted by us, – an independent vet reviewing platform and directory website.

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