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Dog having dental procedure in vets

What does "dental X-ray" mean on a vets website, and is it important?

Sometimes it can be hard to understand everything that is advertised on a vet’s website! If you’ve seen ‘dental x-ray’, you may well be wondering how this differs from other x-rays, and whether it’s important. Read on as we explain dental x-rays for pets. …

Dog looking at stones in river

Why does my dog eat stones?

Our dogs are always finding new inventive ways to make us worry aren’t they! Just remodelled your garden? It was a nice idea to have a bit of outside space to enjoy, wasn’t it? Is your dog not on board with a little slice of tranquillity? Eating non-edible items such as …

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Worried about your pet?

Designed and run by vets, the Vet Help Direct animal symptom checker directs you to personalised first aid advice and clear guidelines about when to contact the vet. Easy and fun to use, Vet Help Direct is the online source of reliable vet advice for concerned pet owners, horse owners and farmers.

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The awards are held annually and recognise veterinary practices across the UK that achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. The awards are hosted by us, – an independent vet reviewing platform and directory website.

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