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Pergolide can cause your horse to lose its appetite- why this happens and how to help your horse

Pergolide is widely prescribed to treat Cushing’s Disease in horses. However - it can have side effects, and some are very worrying to owners. In this blog, we look at one… …

Gold standard vet care isn't always the best thing for your pet - here's why.

Have you ever heard the term “gold standard” when referring to the veterinary care provided to your pet? It is a term that most of us vets are taught in vet school, and one which we are often told we should strive towards. But life isn’t that simple, and veterinary pra…

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Worried about your pet?

Designed and run by vets, the Vet Help Direct animal symptom checker directs you to personalised first aid advice and clear guidelines about when to contact the vet. Easy and fun to use, Vet Help Direct is the online source of reliable vet advice for concerned pet owners, horse owners and farmers.

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The awards are held annually and recognise veterinary practices across the UK that achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. The awards are hosted by us, – an independent vet reviewing platform and directory website.

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