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January 31, 2022

Best UK Vet 2022 – are you in the running this year?

Kim Goodson

January 31, 2022

The Best UK Vet 2022 awards are nearly upon us – rewarding the best practices for excellent client care. In this, our 10th BUKV, as always we are looking forward to presenting the awards. But, based on 4 & 5 star reviews left on our platform, are you in the running? 

The whole point of the BUKV award is to recognise and spotlight the very best in customer care and service. If you’ve done really, really well, we want to reward that, with a Bronze, or Silver, or even the overall Gold award. And the judges, deciding how good client care has been? Well, that’s the people best placed to judge – your clients. Online reviews are important for attracting new customers, of course, but they also give your existing client base a chance to show you what they think – and we’re sure that most people will be pleasantly surprised! 

The BUKV awards are based on the numbers of 4* and 5* reviews

These are net positives and so count towards the numbers of happy clients, and the practice with the most wins the award. HOWEVER – to be in the running you need at least 25 reviews. So – make sure you’re asking your clients to review you before the big day!

However, we appreciate not all practices are the same – so over the past 9 years we have added different categories of BUKV awards! Ranging from our New Start Up and Best Small Practice through to Best Equine, Farm or Referral Vets, and even Best Mobile vet, we want to reward excellence wherever it’s found, whatever your practice organisation, and whatever your client base. Plus, last year we added a new category to reward local excellence. This will be our second year of Best in County awards – are you best in your county?

It’s great if you win Best UK Vet 2022 – it’s a huge draw to clients in your area. But it’s also a visible reward for your staff. Increasing staff morale and knowing they are working in one of the best practices in the UK.

So good luck everyone!

Remember, the deadline is 10th February 2022… get as many 4 and 5* reviews by then to be in the running! If you want a hand getting set up or promoting reviews don’t worry… You can always get in touch with our great team and Kim and Tracy will sort you out!