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VetBooker - The UK's First Client Portal

Today’s pet owners expect to be able to access their vet quickly and conveniently, and want to play an active part in their pet’s care.


VetBooker enables your clients to book their own vet appointment at a time that suits them and gives them ownership of their pet’s details and vaccination record, plus you gain the added benefit of reducing veterinary staff time spent on administration.


The intelligent appointment booking system is built by vets and allows appointments to be booked around your existing workflows, it uses market-leading algorithms and is available at a highly competitive price point.


Benefits of the VetBooker

  • Owners can self-register as a new client and their details are added to the Practice Management System
  • Existing clients securely one-time match with their existing account and then book appointments with a single click
  • Pet’s vaccination records and reminders can be instantly viewed
  • Contact information can be updated by clients
  • Products or medications can be ordered
  • Currently works with Rx Works PMS, others coming soon


To see the VetBooker Appointment Booker and Client Portal in action, click below to request a no-obligation online demo at a time that suits you.