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January 11, 2021

5 benefits to your practice of going for Best UK Vet 2021…

David Harris

January 11, 2021

The VetHelpDirect-sponsored Best UK Vet awards are coming around again – the final count will be on 10th February. And this year of all years, we think there are some really good reasons to make a push for the title spot. Voted for by your clients, based on how they review your practice, here’s our top five reasons…

1. The winning practice receives a big publicity boost

The overall Gold Winner will receive banners, press releases, and even an awards ceremony at your practice (Covid restrictions allowing). We invite the press along and get in touch with your local media outlets too, as well as providing you with materials to advertise your success online. After all, research shows that online reviews are one of the most important things that pet owners look for when choosing a practice.

2. You and your staff need something to celebrate!

We all know that veterinary teams have found this year really tough… but the winning practice team will get a contribution towards a celebration party from VetHelpDirect! As well as knowing how well they did to get that many great reviews.

3. It’s not just about the winner – Best in Class? Best in County? There’s more than one to go for…

The big winner is what people focus on – which is great – but with so many practices in the UK, we decided to add extra awards. There’s the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, but there’s also Best In Class – Best Small Practice, for example, or Best Mobile Vet. Then, new for 2021, there are the Best in County Awards – qualifying practices (usually over 25 good reviews) will be able to compete for the best in your geographic area. How’s that for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition?

4. It’s about recognising great customer service, even under near-impossible conditions

Fundamentally, these awards are all about recognising and rewarding excellence in customer service. It’s been a really hard year, tempers are fraying, and lockdown feels like it’s going on forever – but the best teams are still out there, day in day out, supporting their clients. 

5. It’s really easy!

You don’t need to enter or be nominated. You don’t need to pay anything. You don’t need to sign up to any contract. Just check that your listing on either or is up to date, and start collecting VetHelpDirect or Any UK Vet reviews! Send out the links to clients, or give them the link on their invoices. Email your clients or remind them – we’ll gather them in, and the practice with the highest number of 4* or higher reviews wins. It’s that easy!

Want a little help?

Get in touch with our expert team who can share a selection of resources to help you grow your reviews including free social media posts and an email campaign for your clients.