The Video Consultation Platform for your practice


***We are now offering this product free of charge for at least three months to all UK veterinary practices supported by Boehringer Ingelheim***

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You can now get set up immediately on the VetHelpDirect Platform on your own.

Simply click the link below, complete the form and you will be directed to the platform registration process.


There are plenty of help resources to support you get started.
Our Practice Admin step-by-step guide includes detailed instructions with short help videos

Need extra help?

If you feel you need extra assistance to get set up, please click the link below. Please note due to high demand there may be a delay in us booking in your personal onboarding session.

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Benefits of  using the VetHelpDirect Video Consultation Platform during the Coronavirus outbreak

  • Self-isolating people can access care for their pets or horses
  • Self-isolating staff can work from home
  • Reduced risk of exposure to veterinary staff
  • The vet practice can continue to bring in revenue during any lockdown periods
  • All face to face interactions can be run through video with pets being transferred with minimal human to human contact

Watch the video – Video Consultation Platform: How It Works

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about how the VetHelpDirect Video Consultation Platform works.

We are incredibly grateful to Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, they have supported us generously and the amazing team have gone above and beyond to help us offer our Video Consulting Platform free to all UK veterinary practices for 3 months during the coronavirus outbreak. Thank you Boehringer!



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