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Clients expect flexibility and convenience, meet their needs by offering video consultations. This Video Platform has been developed by vets to ensure a smooth remote consultation experience for vets and pet owners.


Find out how the VetHelpDirect Video Consultation Platform can grow your practice, book a no-obligation demo to see it in action.






View our Case Studies…

SkyLark Vets > Watch Video

Dr Charlotte Hussey shares examples of successful video telemedicine consults using the VetHelpDirect Video Platform at Skylark Vets

ICR Vets > View Case Study

Becky Keeble from ICR Vets shares her advice for vets using the VetHelpDirect video platform

New Era Vets > Watch Video

Peter Haworth from New Era Veterinary Hospital in Jersey explains the benefits of using video consults

Maple Vets has held over 100 video consults

We catch up with Alexa Montgomery BSC BVSC BSAVA PGCertSAM MRCVS to find out how Maple Vets are getting on with using the VetHelpDirect video platform during Coronavirus

Insights on video consults from a regular user at Braid Vets

Carrie at Braid vets has been using the VetHelpDirect video platform quite alot now, so we caught up with her insight into using the system.

Tips on running a remote examination by Joanna Woodnutt BVM BVS MRCVS

Based on the experiences of our vets and over 3200 consults already held on the VetHelpDirect Video Platform, we have put together some advice on how to successfully run remote examinations.

Susie Samuel, MA VetMB MRCVS, CEO of VetHelpDirect
explains how the video platform works


Want to see how the video platform works?

Why not book an online demo or if you are ready to get started, our team will take you through the set up process. Click the link below to contact us and book a convenient time for someone to contact you about our telemedicine video consultation platform.

Benefits of using the VetHelpDirect Video Consultation Platform


Reduce face to face contact to a minimum and continue to collect revenue for consultations without any awkward processes with VetHelpDirect Video:

  • Stable high quality video
  • Offer clients flexibility for their appointments
  • Improve the welfare of pets by encouraging those reluctant to visit the practice a remote visit
  • Offer your teams a varied working arrangements
  • Designed by vets for vets
  • Monetise advice calls that would often be free
  • Reduce carbon footprint with less car miles

Promoting your video consultation service

We have a range of resources to help you promote your video consultation service to your clients, including social media posts, website badges and email campaigns

Help & Support

Our support team are here to help you and your clients use the video platform effectively.

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