Basic Review Moderation Statement

Our principle is to allow free speech subject to the requirements of legality and honesty. We expect reviews to be recent and as an independent review platform VetHelpDirect never takes sides. All reviews for Basic Listings will be published, but users, veterinary practices, and website visitors will be able to report reviews that they feel are dishonest, indecent, illegal, or defamatory in matters of fact.

These review reports will all be assessed by our Review Panel.

How we handle review reports:

  1. We will delete reviews or ratings if we are not satisfied that the reviewer has been a client of the practice concerned.
  2. Defamatory allegations of fact will be deleted. All review comments must be ‘decent, legal and honest’. However, all clients will be given the opportunity to express their honestly held opinion about a practice.
  3. Any duplicated reviews or those which appear automated or computer-generated will be deleted.
  4. If a review is reported and we deem that it is not acceptable to our terms and conditions, we may in some cases remove the comments but publish the 5-factor star rating and overall performance of the practice.
  5. Clients who have previously left a review and wish to leave a new up to date, version are encouraged to do so. Their previous review will be removed when the new one is published.
  6. We expect reviews to be entered into the system by the person concerned. If, however, this is difficult for you then, if you ask a third party (or your Vet Practice) to type up a review that you dictate or draft then that needs to be clearly stated onthe review. All reviews must be in the words of the reviewer themselves.
  7. On very rare occasions, when we feel that a fair result cannot be achieved, or our review panel has serious doubts as to the integrity, decency or legality of a review, post or comment, we reserve the right to delete any review, the 5-factor star rating or overall performance and our decision is final.

When you leave a review, you will be asked if they would like to receive the VetHelpDirect newsletter. We will never email you with promotions about other veterinary practices or anything that could compete with the veterinary practice, or without your consent (except, rarely, for the purposes of establishing the validity of a review).