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Dog breeds

Dog Breeds

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Some have endless energy, others are happy napping by the fire. There are those that sail through life without an issue, and others who are more prone to illness.

In our vet guides, we’ll look at the temperament, common conditions and suitability of the top dog breeds for your lifestyle. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect pooch, find the breed below and learn more.

Border Collie Border Collie




Border Terrier








Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel




Cockerpoo Cockapoo




Standard DachshundDachshund




Dobermann running Doberman




Flat Coated Retriever Flat-Coated Retriever




French Bulldog French Bulldog




German Shepherd German Shepherd




Golden Retriever Golden Retriever




Great Dane Great Dane




Irish Setter Irish Setter









Black Labrador Labrador Retriever




Old English Sheepdog Old English Sheepdog








Shih Tsu




English Springer Spaniel Springer Spaniel




West Highland White Terrier




Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier