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    Does my dog have a cold?

    Does your dog have watery eyes, a runny nose, a cough, lack of energy and appetite? Is it like a human common cold? If yes, he or she may have a mild, viral infection like a cold, but not one we can catch or that they have caught from us - dogs are generally unaffected by the viruses that trouble us and vice versa.
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    Anaesthetic Shortage – will it affect my pet?

    A number of vet practices have been reporting problems in the last few days in getting hold of the anaesthetic gas isoflurane, due to supply problems from the manufacturers. However, instead of lasting a few days and then coming back on stream, the shortage sounds like it might last a while, with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) reporting that 2 of the main suppliers have restock dates as late as February or even March next year. In this blog, we’re going to look at how this might affect vets and pets across the UK in the next few months.
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    Just stiff, or sore?

    One of the most common conditions encountered in practice is arthritis, otherwise known as osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease (DJD). It may be underdiagnosed because many owners may see their older dogs ‘slowing down’ or ‘becoming stiff’ and consider it part of getting old. It’s often only picked up at routine examinations, such as during vaccinations. While common (thought to affect 20% of adult dogs) it is not normal and can significantly impair our ageing pets’ quality of life.
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    The Gender Pay Gap – Liz Buchanan’s Guide

    I am a veterinary surgeon and a feminist. Feminism is an ideal that men and women should be treated with the same amount of fairness. But even I have sexist brain-cells. Don’t you?
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    Veterinary medicines – really a rip-off?

    Earlier this week, the BBC’s “Watchdog” ran a programme on the costs of veterinary medicines. This is a perennial favourite (some readers may remember the Marsh / Competition Commission reports from the early 2000s where they concluded that there was a “complex monopoly” on veterinary medicines). The conclusion many viewers drew from the way the programme was presented was that vets were ripping off their customers by over-charging for medicines. I’m in the unusual situation of having worked in veterinary practice, but also having run a small online dispensary, and I think there are several issues we need to look at here. There definitely are significant differences in pricing strategies between different veterinary practices and companies, and it’s worth exploring why this is.
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