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    Why Is My Cat Tasting The Air?

    Have you ever watched your cat and wondered why have they stopped to sniff intently at that object in the garden, or why do they sometimes look like they are trying to taste the air? These are both normal cat behaviours that are important parts of cat communication. Cats are only able to perform these behaviours because they have a well-developed sense of smell allowing them to detect subtle scents. They frequently use their sense of smell, combined with other senses, when communicating with other cats.
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    10 First Steps for First time Puppy Owners

    So you’ve got your first puppy? Congratulations! This is both a terribly exciting and scary time. It’s a little like having a child - you’re initially worried that every little bump or scratch will cause lasting damage, and every little mistake in training could produce a horror-dog. As you get to know your new family member, you’ll learn and grow along with them. But what of the first few days after bringing home your puppy? What should you be doing to give them the best start in life? What about puppy vet visits? And how can you handle the first cat-puppy encounter?
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    Does Firework Fear really kill dogs?

    Another fireworks season has begun, and already we’re seeing reports of dogs being “scared to death” by fireworks. This isn’t an isolated incident either - every year similar reports surface (for example, in 2018, 2017, and 2007). In many cases, this is put down to a “heart attack” or “fright”; in others, it’s the dog’s attempt to escape from the terrifying noises that kills them. But is this a real thing? Are fireworks really that dangerous?
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    My pet has a lump – what should I do?

    It happens to most of us at some time or another. You bend down to give your pet an absent-minded stroke, or a tickle behind the ear, or a tummy-rub perhaps, and your fingers close on something - a bit of pet - that wasn't there before: a lump. And of course, once you've found it, you can’t un-find it. Your mind begins to whirl. Supposing - just supposing - that the lump is actually cancer?
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    Why Is My Rat Crying Blood?

    As Halloween approaches get ready for the witches, broomsticks, black cats and rats to be out and about in the full force of fancy dress. You may notice that rats get a really rough deal; they’re often portrayed as the bad-guys in films and decorations. They do have one unusual trait that can be a little more ‘trick’ than ‘treat’, however! Those of you that have owned rats may have noticed that they can occasionally get red or orange staining or crusting around their eyes and nose. This can give the appearance that they have been crying or sneezing blood - perhaps they are the scary little creatures we see in Halloween films? Or maybe there’s something else behind it...
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