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    Does my cat have heart disease?

    Now there’s a good question! Albeit, not one with an easy answer…

    Firstly, we should remember that there is a difference between heart disease (a structural or functional change to the heart) and heart failure (a state where they show clear symptoms, arising from inadequate blood flow from or towards the heart). 

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    Why does my dog smell?

    We all have our own smell and in every dog owning home there may be an undertone of furry friend. However, sometimes this smell can become a throat clenching, breath holding, eye watering fog. In this article we will look at the possible causes and remedies. 

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    How do I know when a guinea pig is unwell?

    Guinea pigs make wonderful pets. Unlike other rodents they make quite a lot of noise and may chatter to you once they get to know you. Guinea pigs are social animals and are best kept in same sex pairs or small groups. Once tamed guinea pigs can form close bonds with their owners, but how do you know when your pet is unwell? 

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    Is Seawater Good for my Dog’s Wound?

    Picture the scene: you’re happily running with your dog along a sunny beach somewhere, when suddenly you hear a yelp! Running over, you see he has cut his paw on a rock. It’s not serious but what should you do next? Is it a good idea to wash his paw off in the sea? Seawater is good for wounds... isn’t it?

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    How Often Do Dogs Need Grooming?

    In the first part, we looked at WHY dog’s need grooming. Finally we can now move on to how often you should be grooming your dog!

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    Why should I groom my dog?

    Is that a tickle in your nose? And fur all over your carpet?! The dog’s shedding again, isn’t he? If working out how often you should be grooming your dog’s coat is making you pull your hair out, stick around for this article where we will be discussing all things hairy. You’ll learn all about the surprisingly complicated science of doggy hair, why grooming your pooch is so important, and how frequently you should be doing it! We hope you can shave a few minutes off your day for us, because it will be un-fur-gettable (sorry, last pun!).

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