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    What nutrition does my dog need?

    Choosing a food for your dog can be daunting with a vast choice available. We want our dogs to enjoy their food and be healthy. Canine nutrition is an exciting and rapidly science providing us with simple principles to help us choose. 

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    Are flea treatments environmentally friendly?

    Recent research raises this question as studies show environmental contamination with flea products. The flea products identified are potent insecticides so their presence in the wider environment endangers the insect population. So how important is this?

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    Bringing a new puppy into your home – Dos and Don’ts

    Bringing a new puppy home to join the family is a very special time. It should be a positive experience for you and your new canine friend. It is important to remember your puppy has just left their littermates and mother which can be stressful. Therefore, it is important that you get off to a good start with your puppy and help them to settle in.

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    Chronic kidney disease in cats

    The kidneys are part of the urinary system, they filter blood to remove waste products. This forms urine, which is transported to the bladder. The kidneys have a huge number of roles within the body; alongside getting rid of waste products via urine, they also help to maintain blood pressure and the fluid balance within the body, make hormones, control salt levels and stimulate the production of red blood cells. If a cat’s kidneys are diseased, all these functions are affected and this causes them to become unwell.

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    How and Why do vets Amputate Limbs?

    Most people have, at some point, met a pet with only three legs. The reasons for amputating animals' limbs are as wide and varied as the reasons in humans.

    Some pets develop tumours such as osteosarcomas, which sit in the bone and spread round the body. These can be painful and even when the tumour might have already spread, amputation may be the safest way to ensure future comfort. Other pets break their limbs and while most fractures can now be repaired, sometimes this is incredibly fiddly with a high risk of failure.

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    What Should I Feed My Rabbit?

    Bugs Bunny may be a fan of nothing but carrots, but did you know that real-life rabbit diets are actually far more complicated? If you are considering a cuddly little bunny, this article is for you. Today we will explain the surprisingly complex biology of rabbit digestion. Discuss good and bad diets, and go over some of the issues rabbits with poor diets may have. Time to chow down!

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