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    Seizures in an older dog

    Gail Looker-Williams asked:

    I have a 4th generation 13yr old Ridgeback girl (not neutered) who has had 3 occasions of panic & 2 seizures lasting under 1 min each time, these have all occurred in the last 8 - 10 months. The only common factor was that her stress levels were up. There is no history I her lines. No big change food wise etc... not had access to any chemicals etc..... since her last one 10 days ago we have noticed her eye sight is not as good and her attention span is a lit shorter....
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    Is my dog depressed?

    The awareness of depression and mental illness in people is finally getting more attention and traction. It is now being treated as a true medical ailment with huge impacts on those affected. We are also realising just how prevalent it is across society. Like a virus it can touch everyone regardless of their social or economic status.

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    Blood pressure problems in dogs and cats

    We know what pressure is, it's the feeling of being leaned on, or pushed on, by some external force. And of course, we know that blood travels in biological pipes called vessels.

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    Going Back to Work? How to Help Your Dog Cope With the Changes in Routine

    Well, the start of this decade has certainly been... unique... It feels like we’re slowly getting back to normal (or the ‘new normal’) and many of us are finally returning to work (or preparing to). Depending what your job is, you may be jumping for joy or grumpily complaining as you get up early. However you feel about returning to work, we’re sure that many dogs are going to be confused and anxious with these changes. Today’s article is going to look into why dogs don’t like sudden changes, what can happen to stressed dogs, and how you can help your dog cope with the changes in routine.

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    Does my hamster need the vet?

    Hamsters may be small, but they are full of character and often become an important member of the family despite their relatively short lifespan. As a naturally nocturnal prey species, they can be secretive when it comes to displaying signs of illness or weakness. This can make it tricky to pick up on subtle clues that may suggest your hamster is feeling under the weather. So how can you tell when your hamster needs to see a vet?

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    “Flank or midline? Should you care which way your vet spays your cat”

    So, having bought or rescued a new female cat, you will find yourself with an array of bewildering decisions to make. You have: 

    1. Tackled the minefield that is settling on a name that reflects the personality of your miniature tiger.
    2. Chosen that flash diet that has subliminally been making an impression during commercial breaks of your favourite soap.
    3. Bought some designer cat furniture costing more than the average family sized 3-piece suite.

    Now the day has come to take your bundle of fluff, teeth and sharp claws to see the local vet. Jabs for ‘X, Y & Z’, spot-on for this, tablets for that, and the inevitable questions regarding your pet’s family planning. The promiscuity of cats being what it is, the decision for most will be to have their cat spayed to avoid being inundated with hundreds of kittens.

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