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Thin hyperthyroid cat

Feeding cats with an overactive thyroid – dos and don’ts

It can be upsetting when our pets get diagnosed with a disease – after all, they are part of the family. Some diseases require you, as an owner, to be extra vigilant and you may be required to change your pet’s routine. Let’s have a look at how to approach feeding a cat with an […]

Rabbit with discharge from eye and nose

Why does my rabbit have a runny eye?

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK. It is estimated that in the UK alone there are around 1.1 million rabbits kept as pets. As very affectionate animals with a lifespan of anywhere between 8 – 12 years they are a popular member of the family for many UK households. Keeping them […]

Dog scratching

Allergy tests on dog blood – do they work?

If you suspect your dog has allergies, it’s natural to want a definitive diagnosis. Blood tests play a vital role in the diagnosis of many conditions, and it’s logical to assume that they’re useful in dogs with allergies as well. After all, there are loads of tests out there and laboratories advertising them! So how […]

Dog with lots of money in suitcase

Does Any Pet Insurance Cover Cancer In Dogs?

Having a pet creates a lot of good times, but part of being an owner means facing some hard times as well. One of the worst is hearing the dreaded word ‘cancer’ from a vet. Just like humans, dogs get cancer too, and the consequences can be just as upsetting. While it’s never nice to […]

Bulldog with marked undershot jaw

Is undershot jaw really an issue in dogs?

With the rise in popularity of certain breeds, an undershot jaw is viewed as a normal feature for them. Dogs such as English bulldogs, Shih Tzus and Boxer dogs often have an undershot jaw. And for the most part, we turn a blind eye to this. However, in any other breed, we would view this […]

Rat eating

How to stop rats putting on weight

Obesity in pets is sadly becoming more common. The health effects of obesity in pets can be vast. And as pet owners it is important we do our best to prevent obesity in our pets. Obesity is not just common in dogs and cats, all pets are susceptible including pet rats. So what can you […]