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Why do horses get hoof abscesses and how are they treated?

Foot abscesses can be excruciating for horses, in fact, they can make the horse so lame that it can look like the horse has broken his leg! But why do they happen and what can be done about them?


Do antihistamines work for atopy in dogs?

Hmmm…This is a good question! It’s one as vets, that we often receive from clients. While antihistamines are effective for humans to treat allergies, do they work for dogs in the same way? Unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t straightforward.


Is my cat in heat?

Is your unneutered female cat suddenly all over you? Have you noticed a group of male cats congregating at your back door? These could all be signs that your female cat is in heat. Read on to find out what we mean by the term “heat”, learn more about your cat’s reproductive cycle and how […]


How to treat cherry eye in dogs

Unlike humans, dogs actually have three eyelids rather than two – the additional eyelid sitting under the inner corner of the eye. “Cherry eye” is the colloquial term for prolapse of this third eyelid. It can be readily diagnosed upon visual inspection, as a small pink bulge in the inner corner of the dog’s eye. […]


What is eclampsia in dogs?

Whether you are a seasoned breeder, planned first timer or unexpected owner of a pregnant dog, it is wise to be familiar with the problems that can crop up. From pregnancy, giving birth and into early parenthood. This will help reduce the anxiety and the white-knuckle ride that can occur when things seem to be […]


Short-Nosed Dogs: What is BOAS?

BOAS stands for brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. A brachycephalic dog is one with a short nose – brachy means short, and cephalic head, which means the skull bones are short and give the face and nose a squashed-up appearance. The short bones of the skull and nose lead to a distinctive anatomy, which also affects […]