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Dog defecating in field

Why is my dog’s poo pale?

Poo… it’s something most dog owners are used to dealing with. But what if your pet’s poo is looking a little unusual at the moment? If your dog’s stools are paler than normal then you may have some concerns, particularly if they are showing other symptoms too. Let’s explore the reasons why your furry friend’s […]

Dog’s eye closeup

Eye Ulcers in Dogs – Is Less More?

One of the most common conditions affecting dog’s eyes are ulcers. These can vary from minor to severe, and treatment can equally be simple and quick or complex and prolonged. Today we will discuss eye ulcers, their treatment, as well as if less medications may be better than more.

Cat straining on litter tray

Why is my cat constipated? All about feline bowel health

Constipation, the term to describe infrequent or difficult passing of faeces (poo), is an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience for our feline companions. There are various underlying reasons why a cat may become constipated, ranging from dietary issues to medical conditions and behavioural causes. Discovering the cause of your cat’s bowel issues is the first step […]

Old cat dozing

Can Cats Get Heart Failure?

Cats have a reputation of being aloof and elusive creatures. But those of us who share our lives with a cat, know that when they are with their favourite people, they can be very open and loving animals. However, despite this closeness, cats can be very adept at hiding illness. In the case of the […]

Dog coughing

Do dogs get colds?

We know that humans get colds throughout the year, especially during the current winter season brrrrr! But you may be wondering whether dogs can get the sniffles too? Yes they do, although the cause is often very different from ours. This article will explain the common causes of sniffles in dogs and how to recognise […]

Old dog with signs of cataracts

Do dogs get cataracts?

Cataracts are essentially an abnormal cloudiness of the lens of the eye; usually caused by proteins that clump together so that the lens becomes opaque over time.  Cataracts prevent light passing through the lens and reaching the retina at the back of the eye which is where images are normally formed giving sight. A cataract […]