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Dog sitting next to food not eating

My dog hasn’t eaten for 2 days, what should I do?

Eating is one of the most basic needs of any animal’s body, including us! Not only is it necessary to provide us with energy, micro and macronutrients, but it also tastes good and nourishes our soul. As humans, we enjoy feeding and being fed, and most of our cultural and social experiences revolve around food. 

Cat using an inhaler

Can asthmatic cats use inhalers?

Asthma is a common disease of the lungs, affecting many species of animal including humans and cats. In cats it causes bouts of coughing, wheezing. And in more severe cases, episodes of difficulty breathing, commonly termed an “asthma attack”. It is a disease that is more common in certain breeds of cats such as Siamese […]

Dog with leg bandaged in vets

Can arthritis in dogs be fixed with surgery?

Arthritis is a common condition that will affect many dogs at some point in their life. One large study (Anderson et al, 2018) found that approximately 2.5% of dogs in the UK are affected every year. This is 200,000 dogs! But is there a “cure”, or some treatment that can “fix” it?


My dog hasn’t pooped all day, should I be worried?

Dog’s toilet habits can give us some information about their general health, particularly their digestive health. Frequency of defecation varies between individuals and depends on the dog’s age, lifestyle and diet; however, you should expect a healthy adult dog to pass faeces with normal colour and consistency one to three times a day. Puppies defecate […]


Radioactive iodine for cats – is it worth it?

Radioactive iodine treatment is a therapy that your veterinary surgeon may recommend if your cat is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, is a common disease of older cats. Affected cats produce too much thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone regulates the metabolic rate of an animal. Too much of this hormone can lead to […]


What insurance will support my pet if they get cancer?

It’s something we all worry that our pets might develop… but what is the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis for your dog or cat? Will that expensive pet insurance really help?