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Dog being admitted to veterinary centre.

Why do dogs’ bile ducts get blocked?

The organs inside your own body are almost identical to those inside your dogs’ body. You may have friends who have suffered with gallstones, or you may know the pain first hand when these little stones get stuck in your bile duct. But what exactly is a bile duct, and why is it so important?

Cat face up close

Why do cats get acne?

Acne is a very common condition in humans, usually associated with hormone changes around puberty. But did you know your cat may also suffer from it too? 

Vet nurse checking on friendly dog in the ward

“Weak” Immune systems: Immunocompromising disorders of dogs

As you and your dog go about your daily chores and routines, the immune system is constantly on patrol, scouring the body for signs of impending invasion and weeding out abnormal or cancerous cells. Just like a healthy heart is needed for a long life, a healthy immune system is also critical to maintain a […]

Long haired cat looking at camera

The Grumpy Cat

Today we are meeting Atticus, a Maine Coon cat who presented to his vets after a history of ‘grumpiness’. On further examination other problems were identified that culminated in an unexpected diagnosis. Thankfully the treatment for this disease has been going very well. Let’s start from the beginning.

Rabbit on grass

Lumps and bumps – abscesses in rabbits

You may have already been told that rabbits can be particularly prone to abscesses. But they’re a little bit different to those seen in other domestic species – read on for more detail!

Old dog lying in bed

Do dogs get lung cancer?

When you hear the words ‘lung cancer’ you might think of someone with a long-term smoking habit, but did you know that animals can also get lung cancer? The good news is that primary lung cancer is rare in dogs, but there are some key facts to be aware of if you own a four-legged […]