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Why do cats get blood clots and what are the symptoms?

Blood clot formation in cats is a deadly condition that often strikes cats without warning. Understanding what causes blood clots is key to helping reduce the chances of your cat getting one. Our article today will explain what blood clots in cats are, how they affect a cat, how vets can treat them and how […]


Does my cat have fleas and how do I get rid of them?

The flea population increases during the warm summer months; however, fleas have now become a year-round problem, particularly when the central heating is turned on. Fleas love a warm and humid home as this creates a perfect environment for household fleas to survive. The most likely way your cat will encounter fleas is exposure from […]


Help, my cow is having a seizure!

Our bodies rely on a series of chemical reactions that make use of the food we eat in order to provide energy and nutrients to our cells. This process is called metabolism and it is a finely tuned machine. If it goes wrong, or tips out of balance, we could end up with an excess […]


My puppy has vomited bile, should I be worried?

Getting a new puppy is fun and exciting but it can be worrying if they are unwell. Vomiting is very common in dogs, partly because they are designed to vomit much more easily than humans. This is a useful protective mechanism in a species prone to eating things they shouldn’t! Although signs like vomiting should […]


What is patella luxation in dogs and how is it treated?

The patella is the small bone also known as the kneecap, and patella luxation simply means a dislocating kneecap. Patella luxation is a relatively common condition affecting dogs and occasionally cats. When a normal healthy knee joint bends the patella slides up and down the grove in the thigh bone. The patella is located in […]


How do vets diagnose diabetes in cats?

Cats are quite different from humans – four legs, much more fur and a tail! But they can get many of the same diseases we get, such as diabetes. Today we will be discussing what diabetes in cats is, how vets diagnose it, and how we can treat it.