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We want to make the process of finding a vet easier. Whether you’re getting a pet for the first time or have moved to a new area, choosing a vet practice is a big decision. This is why we have a clear review system.

Practices are rated on the following;

Respect for animal

Every animal is different, and all pets are precious – respect is at the heart of a good practice.


How you and your pet are treated is extremely important.

Value for money

We all know a trip to the vets can be expensive; but do you get value for that cost?


Being greeted with a smile can go a long way for you and your pet


Although this might be seen as a minimum expectation, it demonstrates the level of care and attention by a practice

Read more about our vet reviews and how they help our users and vet practices. From the moderation process to the rules for leaving a review, you can find all the answers you need.

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You can read more about our reviews and how they’re moderated here. For pet health advice and news, make sure you visit the blog. Or use our symptom checker to find out if there’s an issue with your pet. You can even ask our vets a question on the Forum

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