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Looking for a new vet practice? Then look no further! On this page, you can find a local vet practice that will suit you. What’s more important to you? A vet clinic with top user reviews, an RCVS accredited veterinary hospital, a cat-only vet practice, a mobile vet? No problem! What matters is choosing the right vet for your pet! Choose from:

Where you are

Enter your town name – random search results will show all registered vets within your chosen town, extended to include selected additional ones up to a radius of 50 miles.


Enter your postcode, and see how far from you those vets are.

Animals treated

Are you looking for a small animal vet, farm practice, an equine vet, or do you have an exotic pet? Using this control you can filter the search results so you only see the vets who will be able to help you.

Special Offers

See the search results filtered depending on what deals are being offered.

RCVS Accredited

RCVS accredited practices have been through an audit process to demonstrate that they are meeting certain standards; although of course, non-accredited practices can reach equally high standards too.

Veterinary Hospital

Is the practice an accredited Hospital? If so, they must have staff on-site 24/7 looking after your pets and have demonstrated a standard of excellence in their RCVS inspections. While other practices can reach equally high standards, a Hospital Practice has to be able to prove it.

Mobile Vets

Do you need a vet to travel to you? We provide an extended search radius for our mobile vets, therefore you will be assured that all Mobile vets happy to travel that little bit further will be shown even if slightly outside your chosen area.

Top Rated Vets

People trust people; verified reviews provide reassurance. Choose the top-rated vets in your area according to our on-line reviews service.

Our Vet Review Service

Our independent vet review service is intended to give a fair reflection of veterinary practices across the UK. All reviews are read and moderated by a member of the team. Defamatory comments will not be published online, but the star rating always will be. Each review consists of 5 parameters, so we can measure the practice’s customer experience for all strengths and weaknesses. This means that you get a 360-degree view of the practice – what they’re best at, and what, if any, their weaknesses might be – based on the experiences of animal owners just like you who have used them. We don’t change the star ratings if the practice asks us to – these are absolutely independent to give you peace of mind. The criteria consist of :

Respect for my animal:

Did you feel that the staff respected your pet or your animal as an individual? Was the care personalised to them? Were you comfortable trusting them with your animal?


Vets and Vet Nurses are professionals – did the care they gave you and your animal reflect that status?


Everyone likes to be greeted with a smile! Did you sense that the team were friendly and approachable?


No-one wants to take their animal somewhere dirty or unhygienic; so how clean and tidy was the practice when you visited?

Value for money:

Overall, did you feel you got value for money? That’s not a question of how cheap they were – sometimes a bigger bill can be better value! – but whether, on balance, it was worth it?

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