Community Guidelines

The VetHelpDirect forum and blog provide an opportunity for users to ask questions and interact with the wider community of pet owners. This should be an environment where everyone is treated with respect and is free from discrimination or prejudice.

Our moderators are trained vets, who are here to provide impartial advice. We reserve the right to remove any post that contravenes our policies.

By registering, you agree that you are over 18 years old and will adhere to the following;

1. Always treat moderators and contributors with respect

Use of foul and abusive language will not be tolerated. Posts containing any offensive material will be removed and the user may be excluded.

2. The forum is not an alternative to visiting your vet

We always aim to respond to questions within 48 hours. But if you have a serious emergency, always contact your vet first. Our vets are here to advise and inform, but your pet’s wellbeing is always our priority – so don’t delay a call to your practice.

3. Avoid offering a diagnosis

We want the community to be comfortable posting and interacting, but we also want to avoid any misdiagnosis. If we believe comments may be misleading, they will be removed.

4. Not a platform for promotion or spam

It’s important that your questions are answered and our users can find the information they are looking for. Promotion of products or services not related to a query will be removed.

5. Do not suggest medicines

Without understanding the medical history and background of an animal, it’s important not to suggest specific medicines. This is for your protection and theirs.

6. Absolutely no hate speech

We respect free speech, but will not allow hateful comments. Any comments deemed to be offensive to other users will be removed

7. Use of your questions

If your query may have wider benefits, we reserve the right to use this on our blog or other platforms. We will seek permission wherever possible and remove any personally identifiable information.

8. Be kind

VetHelpDirect is here to provide a platform for visitors to get the information they need to support the wellbeing of their pet. We want you to post freely and for everyone to enjoy their experience.