Vet Reviews

Reviews are the heartbeat of VetHelpDirect. For our users, they provide valuable insights into local vet practices. For vets, it’s a source of unfiltered feedback.

How do you know you can trust vet reviews on VetHelpDirect?

Every review is moderated by our team. This means that we check;

  1. The review is by a registered user of the practice
  2. The reviewer has visited that practice in the last 90 days
  3. They don’t contain misinformation or disputed views

This is what sets us apart from other review platforms. Nothing goes onto the site without meeting the requirements. So you know that you can trust what you read.

How are the vet reviews collected?

Users are able to leave a review on any vet page. Along with a description, vet customers are asked to rate the practice on 5 key areas;

  • Respect for animal
  • Professionalism
  • Value for money
  • Friendliness
  • Cleanliness

With a score out of 5 for each, these provide an aggregated score.

Why might a review be rejected?

Understandably we never look to exclude genuine reviews. Whether you’ve had a fantastic experience or were left disappointed, it’s important to reflect all opinions. But still, some are rejected. Reasons for this include;

  1. Not meeting the requirements – if the user can’t be verified as a client or they haven’t visited in the last 90 days
  2. Contains disputed or inflammatory comments – occasionally a score will be published without images and/or text. This is a discretionary measure, where a practice disputes the claims or inappropriate language is used
  3. Unclear review – sometimes a simple “N/A” for a review won’t quite do. We always encourage users to share as much information as they are comfortable with

Does the vet practice respond?

All vets have the option to respond to reviews received. This enables them to address issues or thank loyal customers for their support. Of course, they’re very busy offering care for our animals, so this doesn’t always happen. However, every review we receive will be seen by your vet.

How will my information be used?

We think it’s important to remove barriers to providing reviews. So we won’t sign you up for anything without permission.

We do ask that you provide us with accurate information, but this is for verification purposes. Of course, we’d love to welcome you back to VetHelpDirect or receive our newsletter, but understand that isn’t for everyone.

If you do have concerns, please feel free to read our terms or privacy policy. Importantly, we’re not a faceless company, so if you have questions, please do get in contact and we’ll be happy to help.

So, why should I leave a review for my vet practice?

Of course, this is entirely up to you. Our aim is to provide users with a platform to find a local vet. So your reviews help us to give every pet owner the best information before making a decision.

It can also help your vet practice. Along with valuable feedback, every year we name the Best UK Vet based on the reviews we received. So if you’ve had a great experience, then your review is a step closer to receiving an award.