Situated in the heart of Banstead Village, we are a friendly and modern, purpose built veterinary practice.  We aim to provide the best possible healthcare for your pet and an equally good service for you!

As an independent practice, we are committed to providing an individualized service for pets and their owners through our excellent team of professional, caring staff.

We pride ourselves on the highest clinical standards and claim vets with excellent surgical skills, dedicated nurses and hugely experienced reception staff. 

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4.8 Stars - 07-04-2017 - FSEpsom

I have been using BVV for my two dogs for the past 4 years and despite moving to Epsom from slightly closer to Banstead have continued to use them. I like their calm, sensible approach and Andy is very straightforward and is good with the dogs. I feel that they offer a professional and personal service and always know who I am when I call. I have recommended this practice a couple of times.

5 Stars - 09-03-2017 - FARAJ BAL AFKAN

I would fully recommend this Vets to anyone who really cares for their animals.

5 Stars - 03-09-2016 - Wendy Ann

Visits to the Surgery can be troubling both for my pet and myself! However,the standard of care and attention to detail given by Andy and his staff cannot be faulted. My pet receives the best of care and her owner receives reassurance too, so top marks to all concerned!

5 Stars - 18-03-2016 - Terry & gloria

After dreading the annual check up for our cat Jess, we made an appointment at this great vets! We saw lizzy who, knowing Jess hates these visits, did everything possible to calm him down. It worked. Jess came home a calm cat, after having an injection and blood pressure taken! Unheard of for this cat! Well done Banstead village vets! You are stars!!

5 Stars - 07-05-2015 - Helen

I would fully recommend this Vets to anyone who really cares for their animals. I wish my Doctor was as good!

5 Stars - 11-04-2015 - Sharon

After I no longer qualified for vet care at the PDSA for my cat Truffles (then aged 19, and with chronic renal failure) I knew I was looking for a special kind of vets, one where I was going to have to make that awful decision that all pet owners have to wrangle with. I tried a couple of the more local vets, but none of them seemed to offer that extra special care I was looking for. I then looked a little further afield and took a punt on Banstead Village Vets. So glad I did! They were everything I was looking for: professional, caring, helpful and committed to giving the best of their services to both of us. Truffles went on to live another 3 happy years under Andy and the team's care, and of course, when that time came it was difficult, but the team were as helpful and supportive as I had hoped they would be. I am now thinking of getting another cat, and when I do, there will be no doubt this time about where to go for my veterinary care. BVVS of course! They really are the best!

5 Stars - 19-03-2015 - jacquie

Absolutely wonderful care, concern and consideration, not only for my cats but also for me. Both Berni and Leroy are happy and comfortable with all of you and you could not have been kinder and more caring of Leroy if she had been your own. Both cats are now bouncing around full of beans and the change in Leroy since the op is astounding, she is full of energy and back to a happy cat. Thank you to Andy and all his wonderful staff. I would most definitely recommend you to anyone who asked, a more caring practice would be hard to fine. Thank you so much, Leroy and Berni

5 Stars - 15-02-2015 - Natalia Araujo

Our cat (Winnie) came from Brazil with us and since she got here in Banstead we have noticed that she was not acting normally (not eating or playing as usual). As soon as we noticed that it could be something serious we took her to this clinic and we are glad we did it! Andy and his crew are the best. After treating her symptoms and doing all exams they found that she was with a liver illness (hepatic lipdoses). The treatment went well and after several weeks of procedures (including a feed tube) our cat finally was cured! For the whole treatment (more than a month) they were kind and gentle, you can easily notice that they are well trained and that they really care about the pets (and people =)). We had such a hard time trying to settle in a different country and our 7 years old daughter was very sad with her beloved cat ill and weak. I don't know what would we have done without this clinic and its really incredible staff. God bless them all!

4.6 Stars - 06-02-2015 - India


5 Stars - 27-11-2014 - Gilcrux Black Labs

Over the last year I have had to Visit Banstead Village Vets almost every month and sometimes 2 or 3 times a month, I have 4 Black Labradors and two of them have had a litter of pups during the last year. Andy was called at 2am when one of my bitches was having trouble birthing, He was also on hand over the first week of the pups been born as the mother was having problems which spread to the pups, Without Andy's help the mother and some of the pups would not have survived. He also constantly got in touch checking about them. Andy and His staff could not be more helpful if they tried. I took my young stud dog up to see him one Tuesday lunchtime as it was being sick and was very down, Andy Checked him over and took x-rays, The next thing Andy did was to get his staff to cancel his afternoon surgery and spent 5 hours operating on my young dog to unblock his small intestine, the dog had eaten a dog toy rope which caused the Problem. The Very Next Day one of my other dogs Joy had swallowed a stone and Andy was back in the operating room again to do the same operation. Both dogs recovered fully but without the speedy intervention by Andy both could have died. I have found animals injured on the road and have taken them to Andy and he does all he can to help and save the animal. Banstead Village Vets are the only practice I would recommend and I have used others in the area. I trust wholeheartedly Andy and his Staff with all of my dogs, Many of my friends, acquaintances and owners of pups I have reared all use Banstead Village Vets at 170a High Street Banstead.

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