• We are a caring family run company
  • All our Vets are specially trained in “At Home Euthanasia”
  • Compassionate and respectful gentle pet euthanasia in the security of your own home
  • Our passionate Vets work with skill and compassion and of course are members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • There is no more loving way to put either your “cat to sleep” or your “dog to sleep”
  • We are here when you need us most, you can call us between 7am and 8pm 7 day a week

Opening times

You can speak to the understanding Cloud 9 Vets team between 7am-8pm every day, after that time you are able to leave a message or contact us by email. We are available to discuss and advise on your particular situation, we are here to answer your questions and share our experience regarding putting your dog or cat to sleep and to help and support you with aftercare such as a burial or cremation. To arrange an at home gentle euthanasia visit or for personal and compassionate help and support please call us free on 08000 354 999 – we are open every day.

Clinic reviews

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Peter D reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 1 stars

Due to the situation with Coronavirus, our usual vet wouldn't let us be there at the end when one of our dogs time had come. We were told to contact Cloud nine as they would come out to us. We were told nobody could come out until 8pm, this meant a 11 hour wait but really wanted to be there at the end. Around midday things deteriorated rapidly. We called them again and was told that they could get someone out within the hour. We agreed the extra £30 as we were told the vet was travelling from further away. Unfortunately he passed away about 20 minutes later. We phoned Cloud nine straight away to cancel the vet. We didn't think anymore about it until we got a statement saying they had charged us almost £400!!!! They had taken it of our credit card and payment had been made. We emailed them, but after TEN days hadn't had the curtosy of a reply. I phoned them to ask them what they were playing at. They told me that the vet had come to our door and that nobody was in. I explained that we rushed our dog to our local vets to make sure that he had gone, but we had phoned to cancel the visit. I was told that as she had arrived, payment was due. I was also told that we had booked in TWO vets!!!! I said that the second visit would surely have been cancelled and that SEVEN hours was quite long enough for them to have done so. NO!! Apparently it doesn't work that way. We have CCTV and looked up the time. NOBODY came to our house. It clearly shows us running out and arriving back 15 minutes later. We live in a no through road of a cul-de-sac. There isn't one vehicle in that time and only one of my neighbours walking down the road. They lied to me. So we have been charged almost £400 for a service we never received. A cancellation fee was expected BUT not full payment LESS £20 ( apparently as they didn't use the drug!!) We feel TOTALLY ripped of at a time when you just want things to go smoothly. Would NEVER recommended them.

Vet Response

Jun 22

Dear Peter, I am distressed by your comments. We did our utmost to respond to your terminally ill dog and arranged a same day appointment and we were even able to re-direct another vet at extremely short notice, to arrange an earlier appointment time when it became clear that the situation for Eric, your Cavalier King Charles, was becoming an emergency. I did try to explain the situation when you called us on 16th June at 15:30, but unfortunately you put the phone down on me while I was trying to explain the course of events. The original booking and the subsequent changes were made with Tish, your wife, the first time you and I spoke was when you called us on the 16th June.

The original booking was indeed made for 8pm on the 4th June, Tish called us at 09:22 on the 4th June. My vet closest to your home, was not available until that 8pm in the evening. Our available time of an 8pm booking was accepted and subsequently confirmed to you in an email sent at 09:37 and a text message sent at 09:38 on the 4th June.

Tish called us again at 12:48 to inform us that Eric, had deteriorated. I re-arranged the working schedule of another vet. The 2pm appointment was confirmed by the following sms sent to Trish at 13:00 "Dear Trish, I have re arranged your appointment, our vet Sophie will be with you before 2pm. Kind regards, Amber at Cloud 9 Vets". The original visit of 8pm was changed to 2pm, at no point did you ever have two live appointments. Our vet prepared immediately to leave and be with you within the hour. I received a call from Trish at 13:26 to advise me that Eric has passed away and you were not at home. I expressed my sincere condolences. I spoke to my vet who informed me that she had actually arrived in your street and was parking her car, she suggested that she should go to your home to express condolences but as Tish had advised me you were not there I said that was unnecessary. I had explained to Tish that unfortunately because the vet had arrived and because we had changed her schedule to react so quickly, there would unfortunately be a charge, she was very understanding and accepting of this situation. The 8pm appointment had been changed when Tish and I spoke at 12:48. For tragic reasons you cancelled the appointment just 34 minutes before the agreed visit time, not seven hours as you suggested. Our vet had got prepared and traveled to you home within 40 minutes from the call to us at 12:48, we really did do our best to react and we managed to get our vet to you very quickly. I am so sorry that due to the nature of Eric's condition that this was not quick enough, we worked hard to make the original appointment and to reschedule that appointment for an earlier time with another vet.

We are a family company that only works with end of live situations and endeavour to tirelessly do our best to provide a dignified and peaceful end for our beloved pet companions, 7 days a week, we have done this compassionately for thousands of pet families. I am so distressed and upset that we have not managed to meet your expectations, despite our best efforts.

I am aware that Eric was a rescue dog and whilst we are no longer able to help Eric, as a gesture of kindness, I would like to make a donation to the rescue centre from which Eric came. I would be grateful if you would contact me to let me know from which shelter Eric was rescued.


Amber Synnott

Carmel J reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 4.8 stars

I would sincerely like to thank Cloud 9 Vets for the way they handled matters for my beautiful cat Digger who passed away on 23rd May. In these terrible times I would have had to leave him at the gate of the vets with no proper goodbyes. From the moment I rang the number and spoke to Amber I felt warmth and compassion. Our vet was Andreas and he was full of love and respect. He fully examined Digger and explained everything in great detail and put my mind at ease. Digger passed away very peacefully in his own home. There is no better place to turn if you have to make this tremendously difficult decision. Thank you so much Cloud 9 Vets, Amber and Andreas.

Vet Response

May 29

Dear Carmel, Thank you so much for your kind review, we really appreciate your review so you can help other cat owners in the same situation. Best wishes Amber

Ian F reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

I can not thank Cloud 9 Vets enough for the exemplary service that we received when we had to have our dear cat, Levi, put to sleep. It was one of the hardest days which we have ever had to face but they made it so much more bearable. From our initial call, Amber showed incredible empathy, calmly explaining how the service works and talking us through our options. Unfortunately there was not an available appointment that day as it was late afternoon on a Friday, but she booked us in for first thing the next day. She then continued to work on our behalf and phoned back to say she had managed to find a vet who could come out to us at 7pm that evening. We were so grateful as Levi was deteriorating quickly. When Jose, our vet, turned up, he made this most difficult of events as bearable as possible. Politely explaining the process and showing complete respect for our poorly cat Levi and also reassuring us at every stage. The crematorium arrived an hour later and again, the gentleman (sorry did not get his name) could not have been more respectful or shown more empathy for our loss throughout his visit. The service was efficient, timely and made what was a horrible situation, so much more bearable. I can not recommend them enough if you ever find yourself in this awful situation.

Vet Response

May 29

Thank you Ian for this lovely review it means every thing to all of us at Cloud 9 Vets. Best wishes Elizabeth

Highly R reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

We highly recommend this ‘at-home euthanasia’, Andrea is a true gentleman, he helped our beautiful Rottweiler ‘Roxy’ to pass away peacefully, without any stress or discomfort. It was a lot less stressful for us too.

Polly D reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

My beautiful Sophie couldn’t recover from a stroke so the decision was made for me really. But, when my vet told me that because of Lockdown, they could not make a house call or allow me in the surgery that was devastating. She was born in this house and I couldn’t let her go alone. However, one of the admins told be about CloudNine, it was such a relief. Even more so, when I called after reading on their website that we were out their coverage area, but so thankful to Carys, the vet who did the extra miles. I felt her good energy and nothing was rushed and my Sophie’s passing was so gentle although it has left me so hurt of course, I also have peace. And that cannot be bought! Words really cannot express my deep gratitude. Thank you Carys and Lisbet.

Vet Response

Apr 20

Dear Polly, Thank you for your kind words and I an glad your Vet Practise told you about Cloud 9 Vets, because we are hear to help you and the Vet Practises with end of life at home. It makes us all proud at Cloud 9 Vets that we can help at this difficult times and Charis is always so carrying RIP Sophie Best wishes Lisbet

Anita reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

A huge thank you to Cloud 9 Vets . What a kind , caring compassionate service all the way through . To be able to have my dear old Abby cat on my lap in my own home gently and sensitively put to sleep , was the best I could have wished for. Sorry I cannot remember the lovely lady vets name ( think it was Julie) but cannot recommend enough

Louise S reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

I used Cloud 9 vets because they advertised on their website that they do gentle euthanasia, and I wanted my gorgeous elderly Dalmatian to go in his sleep without feeling stressed or knowing what was happening. I cannot thank the vet who came that morning. Everything about the visit was so calm, he spent time quietly stroking Tom who was not in any way stressed at all. He gently gave an injection that just sent him into a deep sleep. This process was nice and slow giving us time to say goodbye as he drifted off. Once he was asleep the vet said he can do the process whenever we was ready, there was no pressure at all, no rush. He was asleep already so he didn't know a thing. He went so peacefully exactly as if he fell asleep and didn't wake up (every pet owners wish). It all went so well, and the vet was so respectful to Tom and all my family. I cannot recommend enough, I cannot thank them enough.

Vet Response

Nov 30

Dear Louise, Thank you for your lovely review it means so much to us all that we could help you and Tom. Rest in peace Tom

Eric reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

It's a difficult time ending the life of a loved pet but Sophie the Vet who came and helped Match was wonderful. In fact the whole process from initial contact through to the Vet's visit was very caring and supportive.

Vet Response

Nov 20

Thank you Eric for the lovely words about us in Cloud 9 Vets - Rest in peace Match

Bernie P reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

I would recommend cloud 9 vets to anyone who is having to make the hardest decision ever. So friendly and a very high standard of professional manner. I sadly had my dog put to sleep last night 23rd October 2019 at home. It may seem very expensive but it was well worth the money everything about it was so peaceful and calming. Would like to say a massive thank you to all involved from the phone conversation to the final end of it. I’m very sad but happy I did it in the comfort of my babies home he was so at ease with everything and that put me at ease.. So thank you everyone at cloud 9 vets

Sofia S reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

On the 10th of September we had our sweet dog Boris put to sleep. I contacted Cloud 9 Vets who were so compassionate and understanding. The next day Jose Rodriguez came to our home and helped us say goodbye to our dog Boris, he was so kind and respectful and immediately understood how I wanted the experience to be for our family. Boris left this world in the most peaceful, beautiful and unforgettable way. Thank you so much.

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