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84 New Wanstead
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  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Fully equipped with the latest medical and surgical facilities
  • Referral services including Diagnostic Imaging, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Hydrotherapy offered within the group
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age


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Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 15-01-2017 - M Davies

Our 9 month old puppy, Charlie was suffering from a particularly bad bout of diarrohea last Saturday - she was unusually lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink anything. We came to the Wanstead Goddard's and saw the loveliest Vet; Dominique, who we cannot praise enough. She was so reassuring, helpful and kind - ensuring that Charlie was seen so quickly and all tests were done immediately. Dominique saw us again on Sunday and followed up both our appointments with phone calls to check on Charlie - she seemed to care about her as much as we do! Dominique was everything you would want in a Vet and we cannot thank her enough. We only wish we could see her every time we come in! Thank you.

5 Stars - 01-11-2016 - Charles & Lorna Singer

Our Miniature Schnauzer, Mitzi, was attacked by an uncontrolled dog in the street while we were visiting my son. She sustained severe wounds on her back. After overnight treatment at a nearby south London Veterinary Practice, Mitzi was discharged but the wounds broke down 3 days later and she was admitted to Goddards Wanstead Veterinary Hospital. From the very first contact with a Goddards vet we felt she was in safe and expert hands. The whole team: receptionists, veterinary nurses and surgeons were supportive, caring and professional. Mitzi was admitted for almost a week during which time she received excellent treatment with wound cleaning and debridement, iv antibiotics and pain control and surgical closure and wound drainage. We received a daily phone call from her surgeons to inform us of her progress and the ongoing treatment plans which we very much appreciated. We would particularly like to thank Louise R. who made the original referral and Mitzi's fantastic surgeons Louise W. and Shaun S. who undertook her treatment. Although our home is in Bath, should Mitzi require this level of expertise again, we would not hesitate to ask our local vet to refer her to Wanstead for treatment. We confidently recommend Wanstead Hospital because of the expertise and care we have experienced. It is truly a Centre of Excellence.

5 Stars - 20-09-2016 - Rifat

18 of September was my 2nd visit to hospital because my cat was not eating and drinking. Now he is admitted in hospital and you guyes are providing him a great service. U am very great full to all of you.

2.8 Stars - 11-08-2016 - Denis

We are very disappointed that at no time did Goddard Veterinary Group - Wanstead Veterinary Hospital give us full details of what we needed to do to allow our claim to be processed automatically. We had a form flashed in front of us to sign but were not allowed to keep a copy of. Despite numerous phone calls no information was volunteered. We then had to pay full fees upfront before our animal was returned. We have sinced returned the relevant forms but are told it might take another MONTH to process. All this inconvenience could have been avoided with some very basic information being presented up-front, proactively, which is what you should expect from a professional practice at the fees that are charged.

Vet Response

Thank you for contacting us and I am pleased to be able to explain further. In certain instances when clients do not have the funds to make payment in full, arrangements can be made for your insurer to make their payment directly to us, but this only applies to particular insurance companies and even then when sums involved are high enough. Normally when we are processing a claim form for a client who has already paid us it takes up to five working days, although at times of staff holiday this might be a week longer. If we are specifically asked between Monday and Friday though, the form can be completed and the claim submitted within 24 hours. Delays in addition to this are invariably down to insurance companies themselves and unfortunately we have no control over how they work, preferring to provide you with a worst case expectation of what to expect. I hope that your claim is paid as soon as possible in well under a month. Jeremy Robinson General Manager

4.8 Stars - 23-06-2016 - Lurcher trixie

Thankyou to vet Emma and her team for her care and compassion,repeated proffessional guidance,advice as and when needed.working on a bank holiday,would recommend wanstead and chingford branches.

4.8 Stars - 12-05-2016 - Jo Mitchell

Max was our regular vet and he was wonderful at helping us to handle my cat's illness. His compassion for her and his optimism combined with his knowledge helped us keep her happy and with us for much longer than anyone expected. All the other staff were also lovely, the receptionists were always bright and helpful and the nurses who looked after her when she had to stay in overnight were very kind and attentive.

4.6 Stars - 26-02-2016 - rory

Not only do I feel confident in their vets, i also feel valued as a customer. I love the added bonus of 24 hour opening for emergencies and they can do so much on site!

1.4 Stars - 04-02-2016 - Animal Lover

5 Stars - 03-10-2015 - Leo's owner

This practice will always be to me a very special place. Having taken my dear dog Leo every week for the last 6 months for his chemotherapy, their care and professional approach always made such a difference to a difficult time. Leo loved everyone there and would always be happy to visit for the day. I'm glad he didn't associate feeling rough the next day with his visit. Sadly Leo didn't make it and I'm eternally grateful to the hospital for making a really tough decision a little more manageable with such care and compassion for my dear sweet dog. I will miss him and our regular visits Thank you Goddards Wanstead for everything

3.4 Stars - 09-09-2015 - Donna Benkhedda

I brought my beautiful moggy cat to this vet since 2005 when we got him as a kitten. He turned 10yrs old in the summer. We would take him to Goddards for an annual check up which we thought we were doing right by our cat looking after him well. They would give him an immunisation every year behind his neck (I never knew why as cats from my childhood never had this done). A few weeks ago we noticed lumps behind his neck and not realising how serious it was took him to another vet that was more affordable. It turns out he had cancer and 4 days later the tumor went into his spine and half his body was paralysed - we had to make the hardest decision to put him down rather than let him suffer and say goodbye. They said it can't be proven but usually when cats get cancer it comes up where they had been injected with immunisations and it's safer to inject them in the leg so they can have the leg amputated to save their life. I have now been told that cats only need immunisations once in their life time. I know they say there's no connection to the immunisations/injections but that's proof enough for me to blame this vets for immunising my cat for pure greed not for the well being of my cat who died at 10yrs. My whole family are devastated as we had such a special bond with him and he was always lavished with love and attention! I expected at least 15/20yrs from this moggy cat who was much loved and such a beautiful character. I would never recommend this vet or any other vet who immunises cats for no reason at all but to fill their own pockets. I let my cat down by bringing him for his annual check up...I will never forgive myself for this!

Vet Response

We were very sorry to hear about your cat's condition and do sympathise with you on the loss of an obviously greatly loved family member. Our records show that you have not been seen at our practice since 2012 and this makes it very difficult to make any specific comments. Vaccination against the various forms of feline influenza, enteritis and leukaemia are very important in protecting millions of cats every year from the incredible suffering which these diseases bring and this is why we strongly recommend it. Very rarely, cats may develop tumours at the site of trauma or inflammation and tumours at the site of injections can occur, but with a frequency estimated to be between 1 per 10 000 to 30 000 vaccinations administered. Annual check-ups are the best way to ensure pets health in order to provide protection against infectious disease and to identify illnesses at the earliest stages possible so maximising the chances of successful treatment
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