Luc Van Dijck Veterinary Centre

135 Wigan Lane


  • Providing high standard and dedicated pet health care for companion animals
  • Full range of service including routine consultations,neutering and orthopaedic surgery
  • Fulle equipped facilities including In-house laboratory for rapid results
  • 24 hour out of hours emergency service provided


Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 10-09-2019 - The kett family

I can not praise Luc and all the surgery staff enough. I think the fact that we travel a 60 mile round trip,speaks volumes. We first came accross the practice around 5 years ago. We had purchased our first ever female dog,we knew we did not wish to breed from her and researched the laparoscopy technique rather than the traditional spaying operation(which incidentally i recommended to several other owners in our area and they also had the procedure performed with Luc,as the results ,aftercare and attention to detail was first class) We now attend for annual inoculations and the occasional unplanned visit! We know that Lotty(our dog) is always treated with so much care,we as owners receive a full explanation of the consultation,in short we have the upmost faith in this practice. Collectively we can not bestow enough praise. We all know our pets deserve the best and here they certainly receive it!!! Thankyou

5 Stars - 08-07-2019 - Margaret

I've been coming to Luc for veterinary treatment for my pack and pussies since Mr McNish was alive who Luc took over from and I would never choose to go anywhere else. The staff are friendly and caring and they are always there for you in times of trouble. They are more like friends than just people doing a job. I started coming to them when I got my first ever pet Ben around thirty five or more years ago. Luc took over from Mr McNish as Ben's vet and saw me through my first period of being owned by a dog. Since then I've had thirteen other dogs (mainly rescues) and several cats too, all of whom have attended here. The staff put themselves out for you and are professional in approach and really good at their jobs. I highly recommend trusting them with your animal family.

5 Stars - 18-09-2017 - Angela

we have brought our pets to Luc's practice for more than 25 years. All of the staff have nursed our Newfoundlands, Fox Terrier and cats through a variety of ailments with care and compassion. I feel that this is not just a place for medical treatment, all of the staff clearly love the animals entrusted to them and all advice is given with full explanation and every option discussed. I would recommend this practice to anyone and cannot express sufficient thanks for the care given to all of our pets over the years and now to our current brood.........

5 Stars - 19-05-2017 - Maureen

On 17 May 2017, I lost my best friend. My little Lhasa Apso Lucy. She was born on 16 September 1999 and lived to being nearly 18 years old. She had a very happy and healthy life. She was well travelled not just in the UK (having a pet passport) but she went to France, Spain and Portugal. Sadly her kidneys started to fail from February 2016. Right up to this week she had been a happy little soul due to the fact that this veterinary practice and in particular Luc had monitored her health and gave her the medication and care allowing her to live 16 months longer with a good quality of life. The vet and all the staff have been wonderful.

5 Stars - 24-01-2017 - Claire Swift

Iwas told the young Greek vet left before Chritmas because his father was dying.. Please don't tell me this is the guy who had a bad revue !!! Young staff are doing so well.

1 Stars - 20-09-2016 - Claire25

What should have been a smooth dignified process for our beloved dog Ruby ended up being the worst experience of my life which still traumatises me. If I had known now what would happen that day then I would never have taken my dog to this vets. Please Avoid.

Vet Response

We are sorry that your experience during your last visit was unsatisfactory, we admit that the events you experienced were below the standards of care we aim to achieve on a daily basis in our practice. The young inexperienced vet we had on trial at this period of time and who attended you, found this particular aspect of his job difficult to cope with in spite of extra training and mentoring from our part. The vet concerned was not retained after his trial period.

5 Stars - 06-05-2016 - Victoria Henderson

My dog Maisy is a very shy dog even more so when at the vets! The nurses helped me weigh her as shes afraid of the scales then went into the consult room, Luc was brilliant with her and i did not feel rushed in anyway and all medical jargon was explained to me. Maisy was given some medication for her itchy skin and is doing really well! Would highly recommend the practice and all its staff!

5 Stars - 22-04-2016 - Lisa

Brillant practice very proffessional and caring staff would recomend anyone to go in a heartbeat

5 Stars - 14-07-2015 - Ann and Ian McCartney

We have used this veterinary practice for 25 years, first with our tom cat, Growler, who lived for 18 years, then with a rescue wife fox terrier bit h, Kerrie, who, aged 10 when we took her as our own had a myriad of health problems and she was always dealt with by vets, nurses and staff with such affection. Now we have another rescue wire fox terrier both, Mollie Mae, who, being the love our life, we wouldn't dream of taking her anywhere else because we want the best for her. We always feel at home there, they include our pet in the conversations and have respect for the animals they treat.

5 Stars - 17-03-2015 - Angela & David

Our dog Pippa is a 12 year old cross breed. She began treatment in May 2012 for degenerative joint disease (DJD) as she was showing signs of arthritic changes in her front paws. She was limping quite noticeably on her right front paw, and both front "wrist" joints were swollen and knobbly. She has been treated with tablets (Synoquin) which have made a great difference, but as she is now getting older, we have noticed that lately, in the last few months or so, she has been a lot less fluid in her movements and could no longer jump up into the car or onto the sofa for cuddles! She appeared quite stiff in her legs if she had been lying down for any length of time, and a few weeks ago I was very surprised when one morning she refused to go to the park. About four weeks ago we had to take her to see Luc as she was very unlucky to get stung on the eye by a wasp whilst she was out in the garden. Luc asked us how she was getting along, as usually she only goes to see him for her booster jabs, so I mentioned that she appeared to be slowing down and was moving more stiffly. He told us about the new lazer treatment which would soon be available to treat these symptoms and so we decided to book Pippa in to try it. If it would alleviate any discomfort and improve her quality of life then I felt we must give it a go. She began the treatments on 21st October, two sessions a week for 3 weeks and the maintenance sessions, 1 a week reducing to every 2 weeks if improvements seen. After the first two sessions we noticed that she was standing much taller on her hind legs and was moving much more freely. She continued to improve during the next four sessions and is now on the maintenance course. She is much happier, wants to play ball, wants to go to the park, and indeed last week she met her favourite doggy friend there and managed to have a little play time with him, which she enjoyed greatly! She can now get on the sofa for cuddles ( I'm usually squashed up in the corner) and is a much, much happier dog. She is still an old lady, and won't be running a marathon any time soon, but the treatment has undoubtedly made a huge difference to her comfort and quality of life. Pippa is quite a nervous dog, and like most dogs doesn't like going to the vets, but the treatment is non invasive, causes them no discomfort and only takes about 15 to 20 minutes per session. The staff at the surgery are all very kind and lovely with the animals. We have been going to this practice since 1977 and have always had great confidence in them to do the best for our dogs. Many thanks to Luc and all the staff, Angela & David Beckett.

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