Lydon Veterinary Centre

828 Kingstanding Road
West Midlands
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  • Lydon Veterinary Centre is one of the last Independent Family run practices in North Birmingham
  • Recently voted one of the Top 3 Practices in Birmingham
  • We treat your pet as if it was our own
  • We are one of the best equipped practices in Birmingham with Digital X-ray, High Definition Ultrasound, Tonopen and Panopthalmascope for Eye examination
  • Very experienced Vets

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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:30 am 3:30 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 25-03-2019 - Green

Today we had to have our beloved 17 year old dog go on his forever sleep. I can only thank the surgery for being so responsive and limiting our distress. Daniel and the nurse ( I'm so sorry I can't remember your name name but you were wonderful) were the consummate professionals and helped us release our beloved boy to the kennel in the sky . Chantelle also provided the support needed at such an awful time, keeping us informed and being so supportive. Thank you all so very much . What a practice .."..

5 Stars - 16-02-2019 - Daisy

I cannot thank Daniel enough for saving my girl, whose 15, on Thursday having found she had toxins poisoning her. She was so very poorly when admitted, and without his prompt actions, would have been a very different scenario. Also to Katie for her ongoing care yesterday afternoon. I have taken my dogs to Lydons for 16 years and the professionalism and compassion showed, at all times, is second to none.

5 Stars - 20-11-2018 - christine

We have been with Lydons for over 20 years now with our dogs and cats. They are the best vets in all aspects and as other reviews state they go the extra mile. Rory, Katie, Daniel and the girls are all so approachable and explain every step, also their extra Vet Phillip is great so much expertise and knowledge, he recently saved our kitten Squeek, and took at least 30 minutes to explain the unforeseen problems he encountered with the surgery, he was great. Highly recommended to anyone with a loved pet.

5 Stars - 03-07-2018 - Alice

Rory has been my vet since 1989. Even when I moved to Scotland for 1 yr I didn't change. All the vets care so much for both animal and human clients. My babies feel safe and calm there. Rory even came out to our house so we could say goodbye to two of our dogs in the place they loved. He's even referred to as uncle Rory in our house. I can't thank the team enough for all they have done for bracken pepper titch domino soda amber kita farkle and freya x

4.6 Stars - 21-06-2018 - Caternal mum of 5

I am an owner of 5 cats, all rescues, they have accepted each other after some reassurance and consistency all but one Sammy. I believe Sammy was left on her own a lot as a kitten and separated from the family she lived with and their dog, when she came to us she was timid and nervous. Over the years we had accepted her anxiety and made allowances for her but as she became older, now 9yrs her anxiety was increasing and triggered by noise in the environment. Our cats are house cats, they have their own catio so they have fresh air and can feel and see the outside but at the same time are safe. Sammy was attacking the other cats and preying on the eldest, her behaviour was impacting on the others and causing one or two to develop cystitis. We had to make a decision with Sam, she would be seen as to aggressive to re-home so sadly one of the alternatives was to put her to sleep which would be devastating and heart breaking as it isn't her fault. We visited Lydons and saw Katie, we asked about anti-depressants but Katie wasn't sure as they had been prescribed for dogs but not necessarily for cats, we really stressed to Katie about it was anxiety rather than Sammy's personality and really wanted to try them as the other alternative was sadness and loss. Katie calculated the dosage for Sam and prescribed clomycalm, the transformation in Sam was immediate she was more relaxed and more willing to engage with the other cats rather than seeing them as a threat to her, she has become affectionate in her own way and more passive so if a cat walks past her she will now give a greeting of peacefulness rather than attack. It has took the other four time to trust her again but harmony is restored. As Sam has learned that their is no threat in her home she has come of the medication and only needs to take this after a trigger which has given her anxiety and panic for a few days until she relaxes again. Sam is so happy and I suppose after a life of being in fear due to anxiety you can understand her behaviour. Sammy definitely has a mental health condition and its symptoms are really the same as an adult would have, panic, fear, aggression, isolation and so on. Me and my partner and our 5 fury kids just want to thank Katie for prescribing these to Sam, it has made the world of difference to her and has allowed us to work with Sam to build trust and to socialise her with her fury sisters and brother. We are now able to manage Sam's mental health and not keeping her medicated all the time but only when she needs it. I wanted to share our experience with others just in case they become in the same situation with a pet and feel their pet is aggressive, I suppose if we look at the symptoms as we would in ourselves we would be able to see past behaviour and look more at causes, our animals feel, think and are not treated well in their most informative weeks and if children experience and develop personality disorders if not reared correctly then obviously animals do to. Nature or Nurture ? Ill go with nurture and knowledgeable owners and vets. Thank you Katie for not making my 9th life the last one.....Sammy Wilson

4.8 Stars - 17-04-2018 - Theresa H

Very kind people. The animals come first (not the profit) Very friendly always ready to help, I would not trust anyone else with my Dog or Cats.

4.8 Stars - 06-04-2018 - Margaret Rake

Have been using this vet for over 20 years. If they don’t the answer to a problem they go out of their way to find out or find someone who can help. I don’t know if they are more expensive as I haven’t shopped around I personally would never go anywhere Eleanor regardless of price. It lovely to meet the young vets who train there and hyakways been helpful. Vet Kate is a lovely lady and a kind gentle vet.

5 Stars - 12-06-2017 - Karol

Thank you so much. It's the best vet

5 Stars - 01-04-2017 - mandi

We had to bring our dog Paco into Lydons on Thursday evening as an emergency, after he was attacked whilst in Sutton Park. Katie performed surgery on him, assisted by a couple of Veterinary Nurses. We cannot thank everyone enough for their excellent work and care, as well as the fact that they worked way past their finishing time, to ensure Paco's recovery. Many, many thanks to everyone involved, our gratitude cannot be put into words, and Paco continues to make a good recovery!!!

5 Stars - 19-02-2017 - katy

We had problems with our kittens that we couldn't get resolved at a different practice but Rory at Lydon Vets has been fantastic. He is everything you would want in a vet and we have appreciated being able to request to see the same vet on each visit. He doesn't suggest any treatment that isn't necessary and has gone the extra mile in order to gather information for the best course of treatment. To be able to fully trust someone who knows what they are doing takes a lot of stress and worry away when dealing with a sick pet. The practice as a whole is clean, friendly, professional and we feel are pets are in the best hands. I would highly recommend Lydon Vets.

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