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Established over a hundred years ago, the Oakfield Veterinary Group today occupies sites in Atherstone, Tamworth and Castle Bromwich and successfully treats many thousands of animals from right across the region every year.  Our service is based on providing the best possible care for your pet, and our friendly and experienced staff are always on hand to provide advice and guidance on how to keep your animals happy and healthy.

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5 Stars - 06-04-2017 - Lyn Kesterton

As usual, John Ambler treated all three of my cats today with the utmost in kindness and grace, despite them telling me in no uncertain terms on the journey there that they had had it up to the back teeth with annual injections. Apparently they think they are fine and don’t need to break away from eating or lying down to go to the vets… Thanks once again John (from all of us!). Couldn’t manage without you. A true professional. Best wishes Lyn

Vet Response

Many thanks for your kind words. Despite the interruption to their otherwise pampered existence I still think the journey for their annual health check and vaccines is well worth it! Regards, John.

3.2 Stars - 03-10-2016 - km

Didn't like the way the south African vet handled my dog at Tamworth, looked at us like we were bad owners, which is far from it..we loved our dog, it's just a cash cow business and are not bothered in our needs we were devastated in losing our baby.. There should be some help with low earners And not just people on benefits.

Vet Response

Thank you for posting this review as we always welcome feedback from our clients. It is a shame that you found our very experienced locum vet not to your liking but are very pleased to tell you that we have a lovely lady starting work with us at Tamworth who has completed several certificates and so has a wealth of knowledge. We try to not means test our clients and treat everyone equally. It is our policy to offer the best treatment at a reasonable price. Sometimes it is inevitable that clients will struggle so we then try to match the clients pocket without compromising the standard of care we offer. We offer clients our pet health club where clients are able to make good savings on preventative health care over the year and get a free consult with the vet. For clients with bills over £250 we can offer a interest free loan to cover the costs so long as they pass the credit check. We also sell food at cost price to further help our clients provide for their pets whilst saving money.

5 Stars - 01-07-2016 - Puppy

First visit today for our new puppy, staff were very helpful with advice and care. Would recommend this vet practice

5 Stars - 10-05-2016 - Yap,yap,yap

What complete " STARS " all of them. At the end of the day there is no better place to go than one that has been highly recommended. Need I say any more. Keep up the good work, you are all fantastic.

5 Stars - 13-11-2015 - Tracy

I needed an urgent appointment for my cat and called the vets at 8.15, 15 minutes before they were due to open their reception. They answered the telephone and gave me an appointment 60 minutes later. Staff were polite, kind and professional. My pet is recovering well. Thank you

5 Stars - 25-06-2015 - millylulu

Every time we have to take the dogs for some thing or other, we are greeted with friendly smiling faces. The care and compassion shown when needed was greatly appreciated. Thank you all, for your care, you give my doglets, Lucy and Millie.

5 Stars - 30-01-2015 - Christopher and Cynthia Harris

I took our dog Bosun to the Atherstone Surgery to have a rather large lump removed from his side. The operation/procedure was done by John Ambler. John Ambler is firstly, a very nice, honest man, but as a Veterinary Surgeon, John Ambler has to be one of the best I've ever known. The Veterinary nurses at Atherstone, are also top class too. I came away feeling reassured, knowing that Bosun had been treated. Many thanks!

5 Stars - 27-11-2014 - Mimismuma

Our precious old cat had been diagnosed with diabetes and visits to other vets in past had been troubling/poor treatment etc so we were apprehensive/nervous on our first visit. However our fears were allayed not only by John Ambler's expertise in the diabetic field but also the way he spoke to us and indeed our cat. John and his team treated her for nearly 2 years, stabilised her condition and were just wonderful and patient (especially with our fretting and questions!). Age finally got the better of her and a member of the Tamworth branch came to our house to put her to sleep. Again it was done with care and dignity. Cannot recommend John and his team highly enough; they have restored out faith in vets!

5 Stars - 25-01-2014 - Sue Watkins

I had to take my very sick and elderly cat to this vet to have her put to sleep. She was going downhill rapidly and I could see that she was suffering. Understandably, I was upset and stressed about the situation, but the vet was supportive and understanding. He quickly ascertained what was wrong with my cat (despite being examined with blood tests previously from another vet) and came to a rapid diagnosis. I was appalled at what was wrong with her, as the other vet had found nothing. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for her and he put her to sleep. If I ever have another cat I would use this practice.

5 Stars - 15-01-2014 - Kris warren

We took our jack Russell spot to the vets after finding a lump on her neck John the vet was amazing our dog was in the next day for surgery we were looked after and supported all the way I can truly recommend this vets to anyone. Very friendly and supportive staff and we were kept up to date all the way :-)

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