Scarborough Veterinary Surgery

Companion Care Vet Surgery
Inside Pets at Home
Seamer Road Retail Park
Seamer Road
North Humberside
YO12 4DH


  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Inside Pets at Home: a one-stop shop, with parking too!
  • Value for money

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 16-01-2018 - Jilly

I cannot recommend this vet practice enough. The vet, Joao, is the kindest, most sympathetic vet I have ever met. He inspires confidence in his advice, discusses options clearly, and listens to my concerns . My beloved cat, Thomas , had to be put to sleep in December, and I was offered genuine support and plenty of time to say my good byes, even though I had been offered an emergency appointment during a busy surgery. I felt my feelings were catered for and my beautiful boy treated with kindness and respect at the end of his too short life. I’m heartbroken to have lost him but I’m confident that all that could be done , has been done, whilst respecting my views that I didn’t want to prolong his life at the cost of his suffering and poor quality of life. Thomas was cremated, and his ashes returned home. This was tastefully done, and the condolence card , personally signed , was much appreciated. I have used this practice for almost 6 years, first with my lovely house rabbit , Amy, and then my two gorgeous cats Thomas and Jemima. The whole team are friendly, kind, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I hope that my lovely Jemima has a long, happy, and healthier life than her brother, but I am confident that as and when she does need help, that Joao and the team will be there to support us.

5 Stars - 19-10-2017 - Paula

I can't recommend this vet practice enough. I recently attended and my cat had unfortunately exploded from both ends. They immediately took her in the back and cleaned her and her box up. All the staff are friendly and professional.

5 Stars - 17-08-2017 - John

These are the only vets i have ever found that really care about your pet, they have gone above and beyond all my expectations and care for my dogs like they were there own.

5 Stars - 14-07-2017 - JASMINE, Tia & Dexter

I have been a regular with my 2 rabbits Tia and Dexter for a couple of years now. Both rabbits have had a number of health issues, (one more than the other ha!) and Jon and his wonderful team have tirelessly looked after them time and time again. Jon has taught me how to administer medicine where necessary, given me advice and literally saved my rabbits when other vets would have said "enough." Whenever they receive treatment it is explained in detail to me, which is not only helpful but fascinating and comforting, and if there are other options I am always given a choice, alongside professional opinion. In genuine emergencies they have always seen to us asap, sometimes within the hour, and there is rarely a wait when pre booking appointments. I have since left scarborough and still travel back to bring my rabbits here. There is not another vet or team of nurses that I would trust more than these guys. When I bring Tia and Dexter in they get fussed over and treated like friends and the whole experience is often quite pleasant, rather than traumatic as it could be. A massive thank you from the bottom of all 3 of our hearts <3

5 Stars - 10-06-2017 - Knuckles

We cant thank the staff enough for the way they obviously care for animals. they are all good at what they do but its not just a job to them. They care and it shows. They understand how much we care about our Molly and they are just so good. Its hard to put into words but thank you, especially the vets.

5 Stars - 31-05-2017 - Steve & Juliet

Outstanding in all areas, Companion Care Scarborough have an exceptional team and a first class veterinary surgeon. our pets have always been well looked after and cared for brilliantly. Keep up the good work.

5 Stars - 04-05-2017 - Jenifer

Never in all my life as a dog owner 35+years have i known such a compat ionate and true vet John is exceptional .

5 Stars - 27-03-2017 - Lindsey

My sprocker was very poorly seemingly only to me. Even to my family he seemed full of life but I was sure something was wrong. I took him to companion care expecting them to feel the way everyone around me did, that he was a hyperactive spaniel and there were no concerns. They listened to me, they seemed to understand that I knew my dog. Though very different in their approach both Joao and Sandra were amazing. I was right to be concerned, though hyperactive and seemingly well to others Oscar's heart rate was devastatingly low. It transpires he was in complete heart block and thanks to the dedication of the team I have a spaniel with a pacemaker who is simply loving life. Everytime we go in he is recognised and made a fuss of. As an owner I am truly grateful that I was listened to.

5 Stars - 16-02-2017 - Helen

I have wanted to write this review for some time to say how fabulous all the staff are but a special mention to Jon my boy Dexters vet he is so good with him and it shows as Dexter fully trusts Jon to do anything to him and no matter what he's had done (two major stomach surgeries) for example Dexter will still give Jon kisses after every appointment. He explains everything to me in detail and this has a calming affect on me as the owner. I come out of the appointments feeling empowered because he takes the time to answer all of my questions and calms my concerns. what an amazing vet!! One That I know adores my Dexter nearly as much as me. BIG THANKYOU JON!!

5 Stars - 04-08-2016 - Kellie

Been using these vets for 3 years we have a caravan not far from practise but when we are home and I need an appointment I travel a hour and a half because I totally trust john & Sandra & the rest of the team . They are the best at what what they if all staff so friendly and actually care . They really care for all the animals they see . Nobody wants to be visiting a vets but when you have great vets that care you no your getting the best service . Fantastic team keep up the good work x

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