The Cat Doctor

Feline-only veterinary housecall service


  • At home veterinary care just for cats.
  • No dogs, no cat baskets, no stressful car journeys.
  • Feline-friendly medications and handling techniques.
  • Relaxed and in-depth 30 minute consultations available evenings and weekends.
  • Full service veterinary practice with an associated clinic.
  • Independent, family-run veterinary service tailored to you and your cat.


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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 06-10-2019 - Mik Q

I used to take my little rescue cat, Sedona, to the local vet that was just around the corner. She has feline herpes from being around other cats before she was rescued - you'll see why this is relevant later. When I put her in the see through bag to take her to the vet she would miaow a lot and was obviously scared. When I arrived at the vet, she invariably had to wait and 9 times out of 10 she would be sandwiched between dog vet appointments. This scared her even more. So much so that there was a large amount of discharge from her eyes during and for a period after the visit from the feline herpes. I got sick of this and found The Cat Doctor. Nicky and Shree came to visit Sedona. Not only do they obviously love cats, they spent an hour with Sedona checking her out, seeing how she moved in her own environment. Sedona was a little wary to start with but soon warmed up and was playing. This allowed the vet to see her naturally move where some issues to watch were picked up. These are issues that would never have been seen when Sedona was in a foreign vet scared with her head buried in my arms. Once the healthcheck was finished, Sedona bounded outside and continued hunting for mice a very happy cat. I wish I had done this earlier and will always use The Cat Doctor to look after my little one.

5 Stars - 03-01-2019 - Dana Pavel

We've been using the Cat Doctor for about 6 years now and both us&our kitty are extremely pleased we found them and there's no more hassle & stress with travelling to the vet. They are extremely knowledgeable, proffesional, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. I cannot recommend them enough. They are a Godsend and we are really lucky to have found them! They are brilliant.

Vet Response

Thank you for the kind words, it has been a pleasure to look after both Virgil and Teo and we’re looking forward to our upcoming visit!

5 Stars - 06-08-2018 - Shuba

Amy and her team are very caring, professional and always calm when dealing with Ashley & Skye. They take their time to explain things clearly and how much food intake that my pets should be taking. The Cat Doctor service is great, you don't have to take your cats to the vet, the vet comes to you which is perfect especially when your cats don't like to be confined in a cat carrier.

5 Stars - 11-11-2017 - Liz

Totally outstanding care by these vets. I've had animals all my life but I can honestly say Amy and her team are the most professional and caring vets I have ever met. Sadly I lost both my Ragdolls recently. Amy and her team gave the most fast and immediate attention and displayed kindness and compassion in an unhurried manner to both of them. Outstanding vets. Thank you.

5 Stars - 04-10-2017 - Kim

Amy and her team are wonderful caring compassionate people who always offers a first class service. 10 out of 10 always for these brilliant people. Would never go to anyone else. Thank you so much The Cat Doctor

5 Stars - 14-04-2017 - Yes

Amy and Shreen took such wonderful care of my beloved Champ in his last months. I had no hesitation in calling them when a "stray" took residence with us. He appeared quite feral, very nervous and prone to bite and scratch if picked up. Not with Shreen! They managed to weigh him and find his chip. He has been signed over to us now and to The Cat Doctor. Cannot recommend Amy and her team enough - calming for both cat and servant!

5 Stars - 09-02-2017 - Virginia Grose

I have nothing but praise for the service compassion and expertise of the Cat Doctor . I am so pleased after years of taking cats in baskets to a vet that I found Amy and her team. They have gone over and above the call of duty with my lovely siamese cat Lily caring for her and providing me with reassurance and dvice . I would recommend them for every aspect of cat care .

5 Stars - 17-09-2016 - Harle and Quins mum

Having been let down by my local vet who struggles to organise a home visit I contacted te cat doctor from a recommendation. My cats are rescue sisters and although very loving and my babies will not let you pick them up. I worried how I would deal with them if they got ill. That day came for Harle who really needed to see someone quite quickly. I contacted the cat doctor one day and within 24 hours they were in my home treating my girl. They were brilliant and out of this world. Their kind, patient nature and tlc made the treatment and examination a s calming experience as it could be for Harle. They even managed to weigh her! Shreen was so delicate and relaxed picking Harle up and encouraging her that she was safe that Amy was able to examine and take samples without causing too much distress. I never ever thought I would see Harle be able to be examined in such detail without scratching or biting. She did neither throughout the whole experience. I feel so thankful to have found a team who will now be able to look after my girls going forward and I can stop worrying that if they got ill it would be impossible to treat them, They truly are the cat fairy godmother!

5 Stars - 29-05-2016 - Carol

We had Amy and Shreen attend to our cat Madge regularly as her illness progressed. She was so much happier being treated in the comfort of her own home - particularly as she got more unwell. The treatment our little girl got towards the end of her life was everything we could have wanted for her - gentle, kind and understanding. Amy and Shreen made time for us whenever we needed it and couldn't have been more supportive of us all. A real find. We couldn't hope for better care for our cats and would not hesistate to recommend them

5 Stars - 05-05-2016 - Madihah

I cannot recommend The Cat Doctor highly enough following my experience two days ago. Unfortunately, my beloved cat Tigger suffered from a rapid decline in health over the course a few days, and I called Amy on Tuesday morning. As Tigger was very afraid of cars and would not have fared well in a vets' surgery, I was very pleased to find out that Amy's mobile vet service was local to me. Even at such short notice, she made an appointment to come and visit us at home that same morning, along with Shreen and Mary. Their treatment of Tigger was wonderful, and they were quick to diagnose him. They were so gentle and caring with him, and also with his brother Eeyore. Unfortunately, Tigger had to be put to sleep, but Amy and her team were so very supportive and caring and allowed us to make the decision without pushing us at all and giving us plenty of time to think about it. They were so compassionate yet so professional, and carried out the procedure with the utmost care. It was fitting to end Tigger's long and happy life in the comfort of his home, laying on his favourite rug. They were also very compassionate and kind with us, noting how deeply upset we were in the situation, comforting us with the most lovely words and assuring us that he was at peace. Their passion for the wellbeing of cats is clear, and reflected solidly in their work. Amy and her team were the perfect fit for Tigger, recognising just how special he was to us and treating him as such. We were also sent a beautiful card today in remembrance of our beloved cat, which made us very emotional and made it even clearer just how much Amy, Shreen and Mary care about their patients. We'll be sowing the forget-me-nots over Tigger's grave in his memory. In addition to all of this, after the visit, Amy was very helpful in advising how to help Eeyore cope with the loss of his brother from whom he had never been apart since birth. All of this adds up to the most excellent experience from a wonderful group of vets who truly do care. I cannot thank you enough for everything that you've done.

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