The Mewes Veterinary Clinic

4 Haywards Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 4HT


Want your pet to receive the best veterinary care in Haywards Heath? Then visit The Mewes Veterinary Clinic today. Every time you visit you'll see a familiar face because of our one pet, one vet policy; ensuring your pet receives a continual high standard of care.

Our practice has treated thousands of pets over the past 17 years, from dogs to tortoises. So trust our knowledgeable team today to care for your cherished pet. Call 01444 456886. 

Clinic reviews

4.2 Stars - 18-04-2019 - Helena

5 Stars - 16-04-2019 - Wendy A

I have been taking cats to the Mewes Veterinary Clinic for 18 years. The staff are all friendly, professional and they genuinely care about the animals. Apart from the trauma of getting in the basket, my cats actually seem to love going there because of the cuddles they get! Highly recommended.

5 Stars - 04-04-2019 - Sutton

Both George and Tilly are treated with kindness and respect

5 Stars - 02-04-2019 - Joceline Colvert

Mewes is a fantastic veterinary practice which has my full confidence:)

4.4 Stars - 30-03-2019 - Typhoon

All staff are friendly and professional. Typhoon is always happy when visiting the Mews.

5 Stars - 28-03-2019 - Barbara

First visit for a newly adopted cat Boris. A thorough and professional visit for a rather obese moggy. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Ali is a lovely vet and I’m really pleased I chose this practice.

5 Stars - 28-03-2019 - Mrs Weight

Brought puppy in for his 2nd vaccination - staff were very mindful of him not going on the floor, and covered the scales with newspaper so he could be weighed.

5 Stars - 25-03-2019 - Michelle

I've been taking my elderly dog for laser acupuncture for over a year now, and seen great improvement in her mobility. I don't think she'd still be here without it, as her arthritis had become so bad before we'd started. There is a difference in her abilities after having the treatment, to when she goes back 4-5 weeks later, so I'm certain this is helping her lots, and she's never been as bad between treatments as before we started going. Not a cheap treatment but well worth the money to keep her more mobile and improves the stiffness she was getting. I'd definitely recommend trying for a few months.

5 Stars - 23-03-2019 - Tina Loram

Jean has been amazing with my cat, Izzy. Always reassuring and freindly when something is wrong. As my cat is a bit naughty at the vets she seems to manage to keep her calm.

4.8 Stars - 21-03-2019 - Jo

Albert my English bulldog had his VIP checks done and pleased to say that lady vet did the thorough check ups for him and gave advise needed. Thank you for cleaning his bum I know this is not the most pleasant task! :))

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