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  • The Vets 1 Group provide a modern veterinary service coupled with a warm and traditional approach
  • We are a mixed practice treating all small and large animals including equine
  • Own laboratory for blood test results in minutes
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Individual Cat & Dog Wards
  • 4 Full Time Vets
  • Staff live on-site
  • Available 24/7, we provide our own out of hours service
  • Ample Private Car Parking


Clinic reviews

1.6 Stars - 18-07-2017 - Clare brown

5 Stars - 01-06-2017 - Happycatmama

Don't bother going to any other vets. Came here for the first time today. Its fabulous. Minimal waiting time. Had a proper and I mean a proper consultation. Vet was interested and caring. Gave good advice with the treatment options. I don't usually bother to leave reviews but thought this place well deserved to have a good one.

5 Stars - 24-02-2017 - laura A

Thankyou Oliver for looking after my best friend & compannion ( apart frm my husband) Elvis the Llassa Apso Dog- 1st time of going(feb) and was brill with my bootiful dog- was worried about his eye- Came out the door with treatment and the worry of my shoulders- will def be back & didn,t cost too much either-Thanks chaps

5 Stars - 04-01-2017 - dinah labouchere

I feel really lucky to have these vets in our village. Understanding and accommodating. They make us feel like friends not just an income stream! Happy New Year

5 Stars - 16-12-2016 - bella rusty coco bonnie

bella is still doning very good its a year since first opp then she had two more ending in may16. but shes fine know after affects. so i would like to thank all at group 1 from katherine down the list and wish u all avery happy christmas and happy new year.... david and linda bella rusty coco bonnie thanks

1.6 Stars - 13-12-2016 - Rosie cat

5 Stars - 23-11-2016 - Vikki

Wonderful fantastic....... thank you for looking after Vincent my best friend. You are truly wonderful you have gone from one room to what you are now, But not lost your special touch, I'm so grateful we have a vet practice that actually cares for animals best interest and not just for financial gain. Thank you.

5 Stars - 19-11-2016 - Jane

Pro-active care, everyone works as a team,cannot be praised highly enough.

5 Stars - 16-11-2016 - Raven

Joined the practice two months ago. On my second visit, the staff knew/remembered my name and that of my pets. Had to go in last Sunday out of hours...Victoria was awesome. Spoke with them on Monday and the staff knew we'd been in the night before and anxious to know how my best mate in the world...Bear was doing. Received a phone call from Victoria yesterday...she wanted to know how Bear was doing. Left my previous vet for after a bad experience, lots of neighbours and friends were raving about this practice...should have listened and joined the practice a long time ago. THANKS GUYZ & GALZ

5 Stars - 13-10-2016 - Anna S

Hannah has dealt with our horses and cats. We have recently had emergency treatment for both a horse with a seriously infected leg injury and a cat who had been hit by a car. Despite the horse being very poorly, Hannah administered swift and effective treatment as well as comprehensive aftercare advice and the horse has now fully recovered. The cat is currently undergoing intensive treatment for multiple injuires, we are not hopeful due to the extent of the trauma but we know he is in the best place. Hannah and the team literally ran out the car to collect the cat and immediately started work on him, keeping him warm and hydrated, they have a cat RTA kit set up and ready to go!! Everything that can be done is being done. Whatever the outcome, we are very grateful for the level of care, personal attention and expertise. You couldn't hope for a friendlier and more approachable team on reception, we have spoken with Simon on several occasions, he has always been sympathetic and efficient with dealing with me as a sometimes rambling panic stricken customer! Remember if you find your cat on the side of the road take it straight to Vets 1 !

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