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The friendly team at your local Vets4Pets in Dudley are waiting to meet you!

Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.   

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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 05-03-2017 - bonnie

i wouldlike to let you know that Bonnie passed away the week before chistmas. she was riddled with cancer. Would have come to you but we had movedthe week before so went to the pdsa olbury ,but it was to could not tell she was ill, just like last time when you had to take her womb away. many thanks for your kindness...

2.4 Stars - 21-02-2017 - Roxy Morris

1.2 Stars - 19-12-2016 - Richard

Vet Response

Dear Richard, We would really appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. Please contact either myself, Jo Day Practice Partner or Lisa Madeley Practice Manager at the practice if you would like to discuss this further.

5 Stars - 29-04-2016 - Nicola

We give this vets a A* they are brilliant. We had to take our 13 year old staffie there to have him put to sleep due to ill health and found all the staff so friendly and lovely. Held lots of compassion and empathy for us. Would highly recommend this surgery.

4.8 Stars - 06-01-2016 - tm37

This vet is one of the best in the local area, you can tell the staff love their job, very attentive, and professional.

5 Stars - 06-08-2015 - von

kindness! What more is there to say? My 18 year old cat, Sandals, had reached the end of the line. The kindness shown to us both through this ordeal by the staff at the surgery was way over and above what they needed to provide. They were so much more than professional, they were truly compassionate. Each of the ratings deserved their 5 stars but I was uncomfortable with rating the service for "value for money". How can this service be rated in that way, but as it a required field I have completed it. Thank you.

5 Stars - 13-06-2015 - Gurdeep

Thank you to all the staff at Vets4Pets for your kindness and understanding when our loving dog Snowy was ill and on his journey to heaven. we appreciate all the advice and support we received from you all. We send our heartfelt thanks to you all. Thank you once again you were all fanstastic. keep up the hard work. love from the Purewal family xx

5 Stars - 27-04-2015 - Pauline Perrins

last week I came to you via Alison at Cat's Protection league.. to bring a poorly ginger cat. I was under the impression that this cat had been deserted as it had lived under a hedge down the road for as long as I have lived in Ridgeway Road. I have seen this poor soul covered in snow in dreadful conditions. I had tried to get it to live in my shed but it would not leave the house it was loyal to.( I couldn't take it into my house as I have 3 dogs.. 2 of which are rescue's and they are not happy with cats and would have made her life a misery.) Myself and Ivy who is 88 were feeding it regularly every day because it was nothing but skin and bone. Finally about 8 weeks ago it decided to go and live in Ivy's porch on her door mat. I was overjoyed ! Because it was so poorly we provided her with a dirt tray and she went on to have the happiest few weeks she had known in a long time. You said she couldn't be helped and put her to sleep in the loveliest way possible.. under the circumstances. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.. it was gentle and dignified for her. You offered for me to take her back with me and I declined because my garden is just slabs and gravel. I really regret that .. and feel as if I deserted her. I will always wish I had taken her. I was seething about the poor cat having suffered through being left behind when as I thought.. someone had moved and left her (there are 4 others still here ) 2 days later when chatting with a lady who passes by my home I was told that the " Lady from that house had died 6 years ago", so it changed my thinking. Why on earth didn't a neighbour do something about an animal left out ? I have only lived there for under 3 years.. so That poor animal had suffered for SO long.. how on earth had it survived the dreadful winters ? I DO truly believe in life after death so I am sure she is now reunited with her owner, which has helped my regret for not bringing her back. I wish to thank you and Alison of the cat's protection for your dedicated kindness and help.. No one could have done a better job .. it made a very traumatic time for me acceptable and has left me knowing that it was the best for the lovely cat with beautiful green eyes. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! I will never forget. I will recommend you to everyone I know pauline perrins.

5 Stars - 16-02-2015 - jenny

I would like to thank all the staff at the DULEY VETS FOR PETS for the professional care and kindness given to my BEN and his puppies

5 Stars - 24-11-2014 - Steve Brookes

I have take my little dog Britty to the Vets4pets in Dudley on a number of occasions for various things both pleasant and not so pleasant things. I will not mention all but I think the staff remember her when she has been and her back end has a lot to answer for. As I am a coward I retreat to the waiting room and let the vets do what they have to do with little Britty (Brittany Bell Blue Shoes) her kennel name, very sweet but not the perfume these brave staff have to deal with from my sweet little dog. Yet the staff bring Britty back to me all smiles and pleasant and still talking to me. I will be visiting again soon so I hope the new staff will have their gas masks at the ready. Many thanks you brave staff from Vets4pets Dudley for looking after Britty so well.

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