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The friendly team at your local Vets4Pets in newcastle are waiting to meet you!

Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.   

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Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Friday 8:30 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 12:00 pm
Sunday Closed Closed

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 29-05-2017 - Helen

Holly and the reception staff were friendly, happy to fuss and say hello to my dog and efficiently arranged follow up appointments. The staff have a really good customer focused and pet friendly attitude. Corinne - the vet was exceptionally good, she took time to explain all aspects of the spaying operation. I booked an appointment here, because of a recommendation. One of my friends had recently had her young girl dog spayed at vets4pets High Heaton, and she explained that, she has had many girl dogs over the years spayed and this vet had done the best operation, the wound site healed well and the dog recovered well. My girl is so important to me, I wanted the best for her. So I took her to vets4pets High Heaton. The vet, Corinne, checked that my dogs microchip matched the details on the pet vaccination card, by scanning my dogs neck and checking the details were right. I was impressed at this, as I'd taken my dog to another vet prior to booking in with pets4vets and this first vet didn't do this. Corinne explained the operation and I knew she was experienced and cared very much about the welfare of my dog. I felt very confident in her abilities and knew she would do her best. My girl recovered quickly from the operation and is now her usual happy self. This is a fantastic vet practice, it has very high standards. I recommend it and shall continue to attend this practice whenever my girl needs vet attention.

5 Stars - 06-04-2016 - Phil & Shirley

Barney & Snoopy were and are their names after many years of support, advice and friendship built up at Vet4Pets. Our boys are now gone and because they were treated by and loved by all the staff we know that everything and more was done to support us and Barney and Snoopy. Thank you all for your help during this black time. If we get another pet we're sure they'll be calling here.

5 Stars - 16-03-2016 - Asia

Having used many vets over the years this practice is by far the best around staff brilliant price brilliant care for owners and pets impeccable great team from reception to the vets them selves you should all be very proud of the practice you run THANK YOU

5 Stars - 15-03-2016 - Paul & Sue

We cannot thank Corrine & the team from Newcastle vets4pets enough for their expertise and support over a number of weeks earlier this year. We visited the practice for a second opinion on the failing health of our elderly and much loved cat Ben who sadly died but not after a sterling attempt to save his life. We cannot speak highly enough of the service we received from our first meeting with reception and Corrine to the very sad outcome. We and Ben were treat with care and respect at all time, the vet willing to see Ben at short notice when needed and the communication and up-dates were second to non. So a big thank you to Corrine and the team and we cannot recommend them enough to those others looking for an excellent vets practice in this area xxx

5 Stars - 21-01-2016 - linda_simonelsr

I have been a member of the practice for a long time but moved to Scotland last year. However, I've still popped in with my pets. I love corinne and the girls! Pearl, my persian cat has always been looked after with the highest of standards. She's not just 'another patient'. Corinne looks after her as if she were her own pet. She has a genuine interest in every animal that comes through the door and great rapport with people. Simply the best, thank you for everything Corinne.

5 Stars - 13-01-2016 - Lee Hogg

I have been a client of this practice for 5 years now and have gotten to know all the staff very well due to having a very seriously ill dog, one who is alive today only because of the care, attention, diligence and outstanding knowledge of Corinne (Vet). My dog suffered from Lyme disease and luckily Corinne realised this, tested and treated her for the condition very quickly, thereby saving her life. I have spoken to some other vets in this region who openly admitted that they wouldn't have even tested for that condition as it is rare in this part of the country... So THANK YOU Corinne. The whole practice is expertly run, friendly and outgoing staff, always happy to help, and give advice when needed. I will never go anywhere else - and if the practice ever moved I would travel to see them..

5 Stars - 06-01-2016 - Stephen Birdsey

Would not take my cat anyway else. The staff are absolutely tremendous all the times I have been. I can't say enough goods things about them. They are a treasure to be valued!

5 Stars - 06-01-2016 - David Skeen

I moved to Vets4Pets Newcastle approximately a year ago and have never looked back. I had one Basset Hound at the time I moved whom would do anything in her power not to go into my old vets. She wouldn't go through the entrance or go to the surgery room. Here she runs to the doors and runs into the surgery room, with no hesitation. I now have two Basset Hounds and both run to the door where both are greeted like long lost friends, the staff are above friendly and they take the time to say Hello to both animals and make them welcome. The Vets take time to answer all my questions in detail and are helpful with dietary tips and anything else that I ask. It really did make a difference moving here.

5 Stars - 28-12-2015 - Claire

Teala our 14 year old shih tzu had suffered arthritis in her stride with a gradual loss of strength in her back end. Then she developed bouts of severe intense crippling pain around her neck and shoulders. Having been a dog who rarely had an ill day in her life this pain was unbearable for her she could not understand and was clearly frightened. After looking at all the options, pain management, quality of life and the day to day practicalities of not wanting to leave her alone. We had as a family contemplated the decision to end her suffering. Corinne was extremely knowledgable, and helpful going through all the options helping us feel that the decision for Teala was the correct one. Corinne then gave us the ability with the help of injections and strong painkillers to have a lovely last day a week before Christmas 2015 with Teala where the family came to say goodbye we had a whole day of hugs and cuddles with little noticeable pain and lovely memories. When the time came to visit Corinne the following morning unfortunately so did Teala's pain. I can only thank both Corinne and Robyn for giving Teala a dignified and peaceful end, and for giving us including Teala a lovely day to say goodbye. I thank all the team for their compassion and kindness x

5 Stars - 03-04-2015 - Swads

Corinne Verrycken is the best vet on this planet. Our cat was registered with another vet. He had lost some weight(we put that down to him getting older (10+)but on the morning he started to vomit we rang the vet to make an emergency appointment. We arrived at the surgery (driving through rush hour traffic) at 8.30am to be told that the emergency surgery was actually in N.Shields. No -the vets couldn't see him. Best to go to N Shields - where was it? easy to find - here's a map. It was raining/rush hour/not easy to find after all. Verdict? Tumour- no hope-put down -'I'm available on Saturday'. You will all understand every emotion we went through. We contacted V for P - Absolutely could not be any different. Yes, there was a tumour/will take blood tests/can operate if possible-prepared us for the worst. Corinne operated-removed almost all of the growth - 1 year later we still have our beautiful cat and Corinne has been there every step of the way (sleeping over to watch over our cat after the operation). After the 1st meeting we agreed that we trusted her whatever the outcome just because of the way she related to our beautiful cat. We have enjoyed our cat for one whole year and whatever happens we know that Corinne gave us all that year - and our cat now is healthy, happy and looked after. When the time comes we will know that he has had the absolute best care ever.

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