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The friendly team at your local Vets4Pets in Oxford are waiting to meet you!

Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.

Pet Health Plan

You know how to keep your pet happy and at Vets4Pets, we know how to keep your pet healthy. That's why we've created a range of Health Plans that make essential routine treatments more affordable. Please click here for more information

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 10-06-2018 - Jo

The vet (Millie) and all the other staff are so friendly, professional and so caring. We recently lost our much loved Dachshund Phoebe. They not only gave Phoebe love and respect as she passed, they supported myself and my grand-daughter at this heart wrenchingly awful time. We were given as much time as we wanted say goodbye before and after. Such lovely people who made a life changing moment more bearable. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat to friends, family and anybody who asked me what vets they should use. On the day I collected Phoebe’s ashes, a card arrived in the post with lots and lots of lovely messages from all the vets and staff. Amazing people who really care.

5 Stars - 28-05-2018 - NickandMytha Rogers

We had a pet rat called Rizzo, who we inherited from our daughter (as she went to live abroad) when Rizzo was 18 months old. Rizzo was a real sweetheart and we grew to love her to bits. She was extremely energetic and enjoyed life to the full. However, she suffered from constant chest infections, for which she needed oral antibiotics; she developed a breast tumor, for which she needed an operation; during the course of two weeks she needed twice daily injections of antibiotics (which were administered at the practice) for a kidney infection; she also developed a degenerative nerve condition in her back legs, due to her old age, and finally she developed a tumor in her right ear, which in time led to her having to be put down. Therefore during the twenty months we had Rizzo, we had to visit the practice numerous, numerous, numerous times and so we got to know them all really well. And this is what we would like to say: The vets are exceptional, with many years of experience, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of the latest technologies and innovative treatments, and with total dedication to always do their very best, whatever the difficulty or the time it takes. They always discussed with us at length Rizzo’s latest health problem and the possible treatments she could have. It is due to their high quality and thorough care that Rizzo got to live over three years, despite her precarious health (we were told that even healthy pet rats rarely live past two and a half years!). All the team, the vets, the nurses and the receptionists are extremely helpful, warm and empathetic. They all always treated Rizzo with tremendous care, gave her cuddles after her treatments, and followed her progress keenly. They are a truly amazing team of people and there are simply no words to recommend them highly enough. We were so fortunate to have found them!

4.8 Stars - 20-03-2018 - Mrs Brooks

5 Stars - 18-03-2018 - samantha

i have used this vet for a year now. we live nearly 45 mins away but i would not take my cats anywhere else. they know and trust the vets and nurses and they are happy for anyone including the receptionists to handle them. i feel so relaxed and all my worries and concerns are addressed. absolutely fantastic place. i would be happy to have a coffee with any one of them. xxx

5 Stars - 30-12-2017 - Debbie Chambers

We’ve just had our 11 year old dog Benjamin put to sleep - we miss him so much. We can’t thank the staff enough for the care and support with Bens passing they’ve have all be so kind and extremely supportive throughout.

5 Stars - 10-11-2016 - Anne Moore

We had to bring out 12 year old cat Ellie Boots to be put to sleep because of Kidney failure. The staff were the best I have ever come across. We turned up early as we just couldn't sit around as very stressful. The receptionist could see how upset we were and arrange for us to sit in a room with Ellie Boots until it was time for her to be seen. The Vet that took her was very understanding and talked to Ellie Boots as well as us which i felt was nice as often people say they are just animals. We were allowed to hold her while she fell asleep and also for as long as we wanted after. We were offered a variety of options after. We choose to have Ellie Boots cremated alone and choose a really nice small urn. The choice was really good and I felt like this was a really good part of the service. We also received a card in the post from them with all there names hand written to offer there condolences. This was such a comfort to think that they do really care. I would recommend them to every one and our other cat Milly has been in to see them and we now have 2 new kittens that will shortly be going to meet them. The staff and service are the best and the prices are also really good. I thought that as the prices were good that you would get a basic service but I was so wrong. In fact the service was 100% better than the vets we used of our Dog.

5 Stars - 02-09-2016 - Anne Reynolds

Marianne and the girls on reception were so kind and lovely to myself and my dear cat Scampi over the last year. The care they have given him was second to none and they really did go the extra mile to give him and I another wonderful year together. At the end Marianne was so caring and compassionate and Scampi was totally unaware, very calm and peaceful. I can't thank them enough. I also can't recommend Marianne and the team highly enough they were absolutely wonderful through what could have been a very distressing time. I wouldn't go back to my old vets near where I live. I will always travel to see Marianne as she is by far the most caring and dedicated vet I have ever come across and I have had cats all of my life so have made many trips to vets over the years. Thank you all again for your kindness, support and compassion.

5 Stars - 14-12-2015 - Sam

Having already saved the life of my dearest cat from the big needle (as advised by a different surgery) on a previous occasion, my dog had her first and last litter of pups and some complications with two of our puppies arose. Although we saw different vets throughout the process of the puppies long recovery, the level of communication between the vets was just outstanding. Each vet was only too happy to see us, having read previous notes on them and clearly discussing their care in great detail. Because of that, both pups are now in their new homes and enjoying their new lives with their rocky start way back in the past. The staff are so friendly and offer a very personal experience to each person. I witnessed them discussing pets with owners in full detail and compassion, professional telephone calls and every single member of staff greet every person in the surgery with a smile. They ran on time and smoothly -despite a changeover of computer systems and managed to arrange appointments to suit me on every single occasion. I am so greatful to have found a vets that I truly trust with lives of my best friends. Thankyou companion care.

4.2 Stars - 23-04-2014 - Sam