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Clinic reviews

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Norrie reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 1.2 stars

A wee head's up for anyone thinking of using Vets4pets' at strairon, I recently got my dog neutered there ( a touch extortionate but the opp went well, after all it is a straightforward operation) where the red mist appeared was when they tried in vain to influence myself in to purchasing 1 Weeks tablets & shampoo for my dog's "bad skin condition" I said I'd have to think about this as £130+ can be a lot of cash for two item's especialy when you only work part time & after forking out approximately £200 to get the dog neutered 7 days previously, can you imagine my disgust when another vet informed myself that the skin condition was caused by the harness "Vets4pets sold me 1 month prior to his operation?!? Why I'm pissed off at them is because the rash is on his underside,'you know the side where they were operating on ,why didn't they inform myself the rash was at its worst directly & only under the harness? After all they did have the harness off him during operating! & would obviously see this rash as they put his harness back on after the operation,,did They realise it was a harness sold in their store? ( of course they did ) What hind of vet would overlook that? What kind of vet would withhold the information needled for the dog owner? But still try and fleece the pet owner for a further £130+ & have the bloody cheek to add their cost for their time to this bill? What about my pets discomfort? What about my time of work without pay? Because YOU sold an item that effected his skin badly?!? & then tried to squeeze more cash out of myself to treat this & said he had bad skin? Having a laugh aren't you Vets4oets. Creating business I guess regardless of the pets discomfort & suffering.

Vet Response

Sep 25

Thank you for your feedback we are sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with our service. We pride ourselves in delivering gold standard veterinary care, therefore, we are extremely concerned by your feedback. ​I hope to address each issue raised clearly and succinctly. We encourage preventative health care, hence our neutering costs are heaving discounted and include; an admit and discharge appointment, two days of pain relief, plus two post-operative checks with our nursing team. Although our team carry out neutering procedures routinely, any procedure involving a sedative or general anaesthetic carries a potential risk, regardless of the length of time the patient is anaesthetised. During Bostons' procedure, he was monitored to ensure that any problems were caught as soon as possible. The monitoring may have included: A surgical assistant, present during the anaesthetic event to monitor and record Bostons' vital signs (heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate) and to adjust the level of anaesthetic, under the direction of the veterinary surgeon. A heart rate monitor counts Bostons' heartbeats per minute. Anaesthesia and other factors, such as surgery itself, can affect the heart rate. By monitoring this, the level of anaesthetic can be assessed and adjusted quickly. Pulse oximetry may be used to monitor the amount of oxygen in the blood, as well as pulse rate. Carbon dioxide (CO­2) is often monitored together with oxygen, which helps determine if Boston received the correct amount of oxygen during the anaesthetic, or if the level of anaesthetic had become too deep. This may be deemed as "straightforward" if you are unfamiliar with the techniques or skill required to perform a procedure. During the admit appointment on the morning of Boston's procedure, the veterinary surgeon's examination of Boston noted that he rubbed his abdomen on the floor with his skin reported as "inflamed, self traumatised, brown waxy discharge, with mild pyoderma on the ventral torso, hind legs and axillae". There was evidence of atopic dermatitis and we recommended a medicated shampoo followed by a review in 2-5 days to discuss skincare management pending Boston's response to the shampoo. At the discharge appointment, the skin condition was also discussed including the possibility of secondary infection and a breakdown of the wound due to pyoderma. During the first post-operative check, no further concerns surrounding Bostons' skin were highlighted to us. At the second post-operative check, it was reported that "Boston is scratching constantly and trying to chew on legs. ++ rash on abdomen and groin present". Our nursing team recommended treatment, which was declined. I am sorry if you feel we withheld information from you. At each appointment, and, after a full clinical examination, we described our findings and the available treatment options for Boston. We explain our costs fully to allow our clients to make an informed decision on the care of their pet. We will not go ahead with treatment without your explicit consent. Treatment costs are personalised to Bostons' and your requirements. In response to the comment, that the vet suggested Bostons' skin condition was caused by the harness, we have no record of this. The utmost care is taken when writing records to ensure that they are clear, legible, accurate, and appropriately detailed. We can share with you Bostons' clinical history should you wish to review any of the information. To clarify, we do not sell harnesses at our practice. We have no authority or approval on the products sold by Pets At Home which we are located in. Our team may or may not be aware of the individual products sold in store, however, this has no relevance. We charge appropriately for our time, our team are adept professionals who have chosen a career where they can prevent discomfort and suffering. Should you wish to discuss your review further, please do not hesitate to email our practice at or call us on 0131 440 3904. Kind Regards, Collette Baigrie Practice Manager

kirsty reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 1 stars

Mrs b reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

We had to say goodbye to our gorgeous dog dexter. The team were just amazing and we recieved a beautiful card this morning. Thank you all very thoughtfull. The ballochs

Jazz reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

After over many years having to put 5 dogs to sleep. Never have we been treated with so much kindness and thoughtfulness as when we had to put our beloved Jazz to sleep. On Tuesday 19th July 2016 she took unexpectedly very ill we had to rush her into the practice nothing was any bother the staff brought a stretcher down to get her out of the car. Amy explained to us every step of the way what was happening we were not left to sit in a room wondering what was happening. Very sadly Jazz had to be put to sleep at the time everyone thing is just a bad dream as all this happened within 1 hour . I don't think my husband and I thanked everybody properly we would now just like to say great big thank you from the bottom of our hearts . If anybody is looking for a vet practice where the staff really care about you and your pet this is the place to go. Words cannot describe the kindness we received that terrible day. Thank you all once again. Norma & Roy MACDONALD

Shannon reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

I took my dog Tia for her microchip in april and mentioned a lump tia had which i previously was told, it was a "fatty lump" so i left it. Amy straight away encouraged me to get a biopsy. Two months later tia has had 2 ops to remove the cancer and been spayed. In that time i only worked with amy and sohpie in which really helped me form trust with both members. Sophie and amy were great at giving advice and never rushed me through any appointment. Both of them made sure i understood everything no matter how many times they had to explain. I cant put it in to words how grateful i am and how amazing tias stiches look. They were done so neat and are healing great. I now need to get my two rabbits neuterd in which i feel that both my rabbits will be in good hands.

Val reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

As It turned out my springer Mara was very seriously ill and in the end could not be saved. However, the treatment and care she received at Vets4Pets, Straiton was exemplary. The staff, without exception, are kind and caring and Mara was treated like she was their own. The Vets Amy, Tara and Sophie, as well as being highly professional are just so lovely, caring and kind. The care and professional knowledge of each of them and Sophie's expertise in the operating theatre gave Mara the best ever chance and I am SO grateful. Collette and the other reception staff are just lovely as are the nurses - I am forgetting names here but I know who you are and I will always be grateful, When Mara's condition worsened, I was given the best possible advice. When the decision was made that Mara had had enough and the time came, I was made to feel that I had all the time in the world to spend with her - no rush. It was, of course, highly emotional but there was also an air of fun and laughter in the room, with staff coming in to see her . . this resulted in Mara being relaxed, calm and happy . . the last words she heard were me telling her that her we were going home to see the squirrels . . a very quick but very gentle, peaceful and unstressed, unclinical end for my 'best girl' and I cannot thank them enough for that . . and a thank you too for the lovely words afterwards which were such a comfort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRACICE !

A. C reviewed

Star GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar GreyStar Grey Star GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar GoldStar Gold 5 stars

Taken my cat to vets4pets , always had a great service, and just registered my new puppy. Unfortunately my puppy had diarrhoea with blood so I rushed her over and got a same day appointment and lots of advice . Glad to say puppy is now back to her normal self . THANK YOU . Everyone at vets4pets is very friendly and answer all your questions and explain the treatment in full.