Winnersh Veterinary Surgery

Companion Care Vet Surgery
Inside Pets at Home
Unit 1 Gaelle Close
RG41 5HH


  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Inside Pets at Home: a one-stop shop, with parking too!
  • Value for money

Opening times

Day Opens Closes
Monday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am 5:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 01-09-2017 - Danny

I have been to many vets in the past but have never found a team of professionals so caring and understanding, and great value at the same time! Ben and his team are truly, highly recommended! P.S. I rarely write reviews but this one is a no-brainer!

5 Stars - 13-08-2017 - Fran

Well done to the team at Winnersh branch, my dog was in a pickle and needed surgery on a Sunday. They were very accommodating as my own vet was closed. They were fabulous and also their charges are very good compared to the shameful prices of other out of hours vets. My dog and I are very grateful to you all. I will be recommending you to my friends!!

5 Stars - 02-08-2017 - Patricia Rowell

I counldn't praise Ben, Stephanie, Hannah, nurses and receptionists highly enough. It is so nice to have a Vets in Winnersh as travelling causes my cats to stress. My Clancy became ill and the service we received was just wonderful. Everyone is so kind and they do their job very very well. I have used other vets in the area in the past but I certainly will not be moving away from Ben and his team. Thank you all for being there for our pets.

5 Stars - 02-04-2017 - Jo

Major emergency surgery and aftercare on my dog was carrie out by Ben, Stephanie and nursing team to enable her to make a complerte recovery. The kindness shown went well above what i could ever have hoped for - staff bought freshly cooked chicken, stayed with her for hours and even gave her a complimentary pedicure. I will not go anywhere else now. Particular thanks to Ben and to Sarah as senior nurse.

5 Stars - 31-03-2017 - Dazzle33

Great team the receptionist was our first point of contact she was very friendly and professional we have a boxer Dog who had a bad eye the vets we were seen by were amazing and the operation went very well and the after care has been excellent I can't recommend this practice highly enough

5 Stars - 23-01-2017 - Elsacat

My daughters guinea pig was taken ill while in my care, an emergency on a Sunday followed by an operation and many follow up appointments all included in the price. All the vets were brilliant and Ben was very gentle and caring. Unfortunately our guinea pig passed to rainbow bridge over christmas and although no longer under Vetinary care we informed them of our loss and I was amazed to receive a condolence card so thoughtful of them. The whole team were brilliant and I highly recommend their care and attention

4.8 Stars - 09-04-2016 - Julie

I had a great experience at this practice. The vet and staff were lovely and friendly, especially towards my somewhat neurotic cat! They gave me a range of options and made me feel I was in control of my pets treatment. I highly recommend this great service, and the opening times fit in well with work schedules. Thank you!

5 Stars - 12-03-2015 - s.Taylor

Have just had baloo my ferret neutered. Fantastic service .lots of information and help . Would highly recommend to all ferret owners .baloo has had excellent treatment .

5 Stars - 02-03-2015 - Miranda

Having found our previous vet's steps far too high for our 18 year old arthritic collie Captain to negotiate without lifting him in - awkward given the changing angles and doors, it was a relief to him to stroll on a level from the car park through a shop smelling of yummy doggie treats, meaning an unstressed dog in the waiting room. The care from Ben and staff is superb, and their prices are excellent for both medicine and for the consultation (it always riled me with our last vet that I could call out an equine vet to our house for less, yet I was expected to go to the surgery with the dog and it cost more)

5 Stars - 14-02-2015 - The Capelings

We took our cat Sooty (17yrs) for a regular thyroid check to our local vets. They told us she needed a tooth removing and this would cost between £750 and £950+ for more than one tooth. Our pet insurance did not cover us for dental work and we couldn't afford to pay for it. Our vet actually suggested paying it back on a loan they could offer! We had been going to our local vets for over 20 years and never questioned the cost as we were always covered by pet insurance, this was a real wake up call. We were pretty upset as we didn't want her to be in any pain and we were struggling to find the money. Luckily we found Companion Care on the internet and took her in the next day. It was very modern, clean and had separate cat and dog waiting areas. Ben the vet was very caring and gentle with Sooty. He quoted a price of approx £250, including her fluids, antibiotics and pain relief etc. He was able to admit her the following day with his colleague Steph. As soon as the operation was over Steph called, reassuring us that all had gone well and Sooty was nudging her for cuddles. It was such a relief. We were pleasantly surprised when she told us the cost was £258 and this had included the removal of three teeth. When we collected Sooty, she had been given a two week antibiotic injection and extra pain relief. We were given excellent aftercare advice and could call anytime if needed. We also had liquid pain relief which meant no tablets, especially as she would be a bit sore! We returned 3 days later for a follow up and she was given a good check up. We then returned for her 10 day nurse's check up. Ben was in that day (Sunday) and saw Sooty himself, and confirmed she was doing well and healing nicely. Altogether, we paid for her initial cosultation, £258 for the operation and for a follow up, there was no extra charge for the 10 day check up. It was very easy to get her booked in for her follow ups as they are open 7 days a week and later than most vets. There is the added bonus of the vets being inside a Pets at Home store, so you can pick up extra treats whilst you are there! We are extremely pleased with the exceptional care, attention and overall experience that we have now registered both our cats here. We are so impressed that we have spread the news to our family and friends. Ben, Steph and all at Companion Care Winnersh thank you so much! From Lee & Gita and ofcourse Sooty! x

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