Clinic reviews

4.8 Stars - 21-10-2020 - Avril Perry

My dog and I have been treated with respect and all have been so friendly towards us and shown sincere kindness.

The Village Veterinary Centre

5 Stars - 21-10-2020 - Malbec and Rioja

What a great team, so friendly and caring. Exceptional personal care given to both my kittens individually and together.

The Liverpool Vets

5 Stars - 21-10-2020 - linda

always good,helpful friendly , responds really fast to any query's we may have

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

4.4 Stars - 21-10-2020 - Christine Struwe

I really miss the North Finchley branch and sorry this closed would be good if you opened new branch in Finchley area again but have going to Edgware because l like Goddards and Edgware branch was very friendly

Goddard Veterinary Group - Edgware

5 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Barbara

The staff at Behavioural Referrals have given me so much help with my reactive dog Sam, that he is much calmer and I am now able to actually walk him. They have given me a lot of information that has enabled me to understand why Sam behaves as he does and introduced me to techniques that help him to feel more comfortable.

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

5 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Roxanne

I have found the guidance, support and insight given to me from Behaviour Referrals to be invaluable during the ups and downs with my bunnies. It is both a great comfort and incredibly welcome to work with a behavioural vet who knows so much about rabbits. It enables me to do my absolute best for them, which is what they deserve as highly intelligent and affectionate creatures. A big thank you to the Behaviour Referrals team!

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

5 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Debbie

Both my dogs have been seen for behavioural issues, i felt like a terrible owner and was it something I'd done, it was carefully explained how to breakdown the anxiety one of the dogs has and how to stop the other reacting to the anxiety, and it wasn't all me it was partly the taking on of 2 reacue dogs and the baggage that can come with them, the advice given has been really good and some techniques have helped, as with all things one option does not fit all and sometimes you need to try a few techniques to find what works, dogs are all different with their own personalities and experiences, what i have learnt from my referral is not to but them in a situation that can stress them out and ways to stimulate them to keep them happy.

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

4.8 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Heidi

A virtual consultation for our dogs anxiety concerns. Carrie conducted the consultation professionally, in a friendly and approachable manner. It was a two-way discussion. Full explanation provided for behaviours displayed and options discussed for way forward - considering the dogs needs with understanding to the family situation. Advice and approach was clearly based on evidence and experience. Would not hesitate to recommend anyone to BRVP who has behavioural concerns relating to their dog.

Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice

5 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Yes

Ive used this vets for my puppy Peggy, I’ve always been made to feel so welcome received amazing service. I came in store today just to weigh Peggy as she is due wormer and I wasn’t sure on her weight, your colleague Margaret really went above and beyond to help me today Peggy was very anxious and didn’t want to get on Margaret was professional kind and really help get Peggy at ease we got there in the end you’ve help was greatly appreciated.

Ashford Veterinary Surgery

5 Stars - 20-10-2020 - Jkirk

Always helpful. Always extremely happy with the service we receive.

The Park Veterinary Group - Whetstone