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4.4 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Eve

I have been with this vets for a few years now and at one stage last year I was going to leave it, as it was turned upside down, going 24/7 , vets that didn't look at you when speaking to you etc. But now it has gone back to being an opening times vets and has a vet ( Guiseppe) who has time, patients, compassion for your animal and you, I really hope medivets keep him at the practice. As this is what people need when they have very sick animals, as I am one of these people as my dog has cancer and he is fantastic with her. I am regaining my trust in the practice now hopefully it stays as it is. As I am a regular visitor to the practice as well as he sees all my kittens as well being a breeder.

Medivet The Vets Dalston - 24 Hour Veterinary Clinic

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Karen

The support given by all the team over the many years I had my horses registered with the practice was always 100%. Sadly I am currently without any animals but maybe one day I will be back on board x

Simon Constable's Equine Vets

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Paula

Simon and the whole team are amazing. I couldn't recommend this practice enough! Always on the end of the phone for advice which as a horse mum who worries A LOT I am hugely grateful for. My mare Mustard has been treated successfully for a sacroiliac injury and at the moment for ulcers! If it wasn't for their regular social media updates raising awareness I wouldn't have thought to have her scoped as her symptoms were not the typical ones but prompted me to do a bit of research. Their whole ethos cannot be questioned. Simon's knowledge you could say is unparalleled. Their on site facilities are amazing. Thank you Simon Constable Equine Vets. Hope you all have a fab Christmas xxx

Simon Constable's Equine Vets

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Alan Morton

4.8 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Justin Smith

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Chrissy Hillyard

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Joanne Murray

Great vets, would recommend to anyone

Swanspool Veterinary Clinic

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Lisa

Myself and my family have always used bell brown and Bentley I have received the best care for my pets I lost my dog earlier this year and the care they gave him and us was amazing I now have a new puppy and she has also received amazing care nothing is to much trouble

Bell Brown & Bentley Veterinary Surgeons - Leicester Forest East

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Emmy Lou

The vets at Simon Constables are second to none especially Simon himself. He is nothing short of a hero in my opinion. Thank you.

Simon Constable's Equine Vets

5 Stars - 16-11-2018 - Rebecca

Had my mules castrated last month, and they really took the time to answer all our questions and make sure we was aware of all/any risks. Also came out at a drop of a hat when one of the mules wasn’t healing as fast as the other one. Wonderful vets!

Simon Constable's Equine Vets