Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Kate Quayle

Making the decision to say goodbye to our beloved Monty was beyond painful and we are understandably heartbroken. However, with Suzen's help, guidance and support the situation felt natural and right... calm, unhurried and so very peaceful. Monty drifted to sleep happily, surrounded by his loving family and I will be eternally grateful that Suzen enabled us to do this final act for him with such dignity and compassion. Thank you so much.

Vets2Home - Peaceful Pet Goodbyes

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Ray

Jo and Matt were well prepared, gentle and considerate when they came to our house to put our two old Corgi's to sleep. I can't recommend them highly enough.

The Brook Veterinary Surgery

4.8 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Noelle

Moving to the area, i tried out a few vets before settling with The George. They are by far the most professional and i can be sure that my pet will have the best care at every visit. When Terry had her operation, they kept her calm and made sure she was comfortable. Highly recommended.

The George Veterinary Clinic - Nailsworth

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Witold

Very professional staff

Medivet The Vets Kenton

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Simona A.

I recommend Medivet Brodie to any caring pet owner.They have fantastic staff who are always there to offer advise and olso listen to any of there pet owners worries.Lovely practice,always efficient and frendly.

Medivet The Vets Brodie

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Daniela

I went to Medivet Woolwich as my lovely cat Sushi had to be spayed and microchipped. Unfortunately she had a bad reaction to the pre-anaesthetic medicine (no worries, it is rare) and the vet Tania Santos (she was standing in his collegue who is permanently working in the clinic) and the nurses promptly stabilised Sushi’s parameters (she is fine now). I noticed (I’m a doctor) that the vet didn’t prescribe useless analysis to understand what happened and this really reassure me as many vets do that only with the purpose to gain money, taking advantage of people’s fears and sensibility. All the staff really loves animals and cares about their health. Honesty, professionality and passion for animals come first of all and that’s why I’m writing this review for Medivet Woolwich clinic: recommended, without any doubts.

Medivet The Vets Woolwich

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Sarah Hobbs

Great friendly service. Was seen quickly and efficiently and my pet was not stressed at all, actually she was fairly relaxed and chilled. Lovely service.

Medivet The Vets Sutton - Wingrave Vets

4.8 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Deborah jackson

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Beryl & Rod Wee

Beautiful clean practice with very attentive and professional team headed by an excellent vet

The Liverpool Vets

5 Stars - 18-12-2018 - Russell

Very helpful in all general aspects

Medivet The Vets Newtown - Vastre Veterinary Centre