Clinic reviews

4.4 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Fifi

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Colin

Always helpful, friendly service - sometimes above the call of duty ! Or dogs love coming to the vets, no matter what you do to them (thanks to puppy parties !)

George Hill Veterinary Centre - Stanton

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - MB

I have been going here since I had my dog and found Sarah and her team exceptional. They are extremely friendly and caring and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Oakville Veterinary Surgery

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Rebecca watts

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Alan

The longton pets4vets have looked after my two dogs since it opened several years ago. The staff are so friendly and the vets are so professional especially Lindsey who unfortunately had to put my dog Zack down at the weekend but she was so caring and l had great faith in her. I would recommend this practice every time.

Vets4Pets - Longton

4.8 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Denise

The Vets, Nurses and reception staff have all been very supportive both medically and emotionally, our 11 year old dog has recently been diagnosed with Diabetes, thanks to all those nvolved, he is getting much better and the continued care and support is amazing thank you all from Tonka ❤️

Park Veterinary Centre - Cassiobury Drive Branch

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Jane

Enthusiastic young vets, always offer good advice and explain what the problem is.

George Hill Veterinary Centre - Stanton

4.8 Stars - 16-07-2018 - as above

Looked after every time we visit and the real decisions are left for us to make, just like at the corner shop. Been a customer for 12 years or more and have been well looked after. Thank you.

Exeter Veterinary Surgery

5 Stars - 16-07-2018 - Jess & jasper- cockerpoo

Recommended by a friend- so glad I moved to white cross gateacre- very friendly and professional- always willingly to advise & help - surgery so clean aswel

White Cross Vets, Liverpool - Gateacre

5 Stars - 15-07-2018 - Amazing Poodles

Over many, many years of being a client here, I have seen the care at its finest. Having been a nurse-for human patients. I do have very high standards. Yet, the fact I can't find any negatives to write her, speaks volumes. But, next year, we will be adding a new puppy to our home. A new sibling for Zac, and again another Poodle. I know without hesitation, they will receive only the best care possible. From the socialisation classes, to their first attendance, to the next and, castration-we plan to have another boy. However, if a girl arrives, she will be loved equally as much, as Zac is now. I read with such interest, the latest news, From the arrival of the MRI scanner, to the stem cell treatment. While we cannot wait to start, this whole new journey with this new puppy. Right beside us, with us and, always at the end of the phone, there are there, if we need advice. We know they will be thrilled, to hear our good news.. None more so that, its been one we have wanted from day 1 almost. yet my serious illness prevented it. Yet, having seen, a very slight improvement. And with much discussion, between my husband and I. We feel that, come next year, the time is now right, to take this new journey. I know Babs, who has been our groomer, for many years, will be delighted to hear that, her client list has a new member! So, after the heartache we faced in 2013, when we lost both dogs within 12 weeks of each other. Our mini miracle arrived in the form of Zac, Typical Poodle, he knows it all. So, we cannot wait to see, what way the scales of justice fall, as he goes up against this new pup? Will he win, or will they? Whatever the out come is, we cannot wait. But, during our heartache, the whole staff really did go, that extra mile. Because, its bad enough to loose one dog.. But 2 in such a short time, was something we found, almost impossible to fathom, or understand? Even though deep down, you know that, the clock is forever ticking, and the length of time they are with you. Yet, we have been so blessed that, all our dogs lived a long and contented life. Yet for me, its hard accepting that, I can never go to the classes, or their check ups, due to my illness. Because, who doesn't want to, show their dog off? Yet, I have to, leave behind my disappointment and, give thanks for the joy that I know I feel, each time I look at Zac. This will be doubled, when this new puppy arrives. So, thank you in advance, for the care I KNOW he or she, will receive. And a big thank you for the same that Zac receives, each and every time he goes there. Unlike some dogs who, just hate vets.. Zac once he is told, he is going there, cannot get through the door quick enough! And knowing how much a dog senses, this is all I need to know, at how great this place is. If only he could talk, I know he would say exactly the same and more.. So, a big thank you from Ailsa & Paul and, licks and kisses from Zac aged 5 years!

Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic