AlphaPet Veterinary Clinics West Meads Surgery

11-17 The Precinct,
West Meads
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO21 5SB


  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Accredited Practice.
  • Experienced, qualified nursing and veterinary staff emphasising continuity of care.
  • 24 hour Emergency Service staffed only by AlphaPet vets.
  • Open 7 days a week & FREE convenient parking.
  • Home visits plus Saturday, Sunday and evening surgeries.
  • Full range of modern, advanced diagnostic, surgical and hospitalisation facilities.


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Clinic reviews

2.2 Stars - 07-02-2018 - Mr Smith

We have been registered at Alphapets for almost two years. After our visit this afternoon we shall be looking for another veterinary clinic. We have a staffie, Meeka who is 12 years old. Approx 5 years ago Meeka had an operation on her back leg. EVERY time we see the vet, we are asked what the operation was. Now I am not a vet and neither is my wife. Each time we give an explanation of what we think the operation was as we are blinded by the jargon used. Surely it is in both the pets and vets best interest if the vet can read the notes on your pet? However, apparently Alphapets practise still doesn't ACTUALLY know which operation our girl had as they haven't received the notes from the old practise. Surely they should have chased this up? Or at least told us so we could? Forward to today... Meeka was taken in to see the vet as she has an eye infection. She has also been having some hydro therapy of late as she is struggling with her back legs. Whilst at the hydrotherapy session, we were told that due to the type of painkillers Meeka is on she should be having regular blood tests. We have not been told of this at all. I raised the question today whilst at the vets and was told this is correct. Meeka has been on these painkillers for well over a year, yet NO-ONE has told us she should be having regular blood tests. We had no apology from the vet who just asked if we wanted them to take one today - well obviously yes we do seeing as how she could be suffering internally!! To say we are upset and disappointed is an understatement. In addition to this the last time we visited (Approx three/four weeks ago) we were advised to purchase the prescribed dog food (both wet and dry foods) to maintain Meekas weight as she is struggling with her back legs. Today however we were told that the dry food was enough and there was no need for the wet food as well.... conflicting stories depending on which vet you talk too. At the last visit we asked if there was anything more we could do for our girl and were told we could giver her stronger painkillers if we wanted. When we asked if she really needed them (as we are not keen on pumping her full of pills if not necessary) the vet then told us that she probably didn't need them. Yet if we hadn't questioned it she would have happily supplied them to us. Our pets are like our children. We have lost all faith in the practise as it seems they are just in it for the money. We went in for eyedrops and ended up with a bill for £ 100 for our 'consultation' (which was me asking if she should have a blood test - and then the vets finally saying that yes she should) Needless to say I am NOT a happy customer!

Vet Response

We acknowledge this review and are grateful to Mr Smith for showing that, much as we try our hardest to do, we cannot please all of our clients all of the time. We maintain it would have been more appropriate to have given us the opportunity to address the issues Mr Smith raises privately and directly with him rather than via a public review forum and that option remains open to Mr Smith should he choose to do so. We trust that readers will appreciate that there are always two sides to every story and whilst, as VetHelpDirect moderators have already identified, this review contains defamatory content, we remain bound by the rules of client confidentiality which makes defending ourselves against this very one-sided and misleading account published in a public forum impossible. Suffice to say that contemporaneous clinical notes made by one of our vets on 10th May 2017 specifically record that a blood test was advised but we have no record of that advice being acted upon by Mr Smith and we again have to trust that readers will view Mr Smiths other statements in the light of this. We are greatly saddened that we have been unable to satisfactorily address Mr Smith’s concerns privately, but we wish both him and Meeka good luck and good health at their new chosen veterinary surgeon and will be very happy to forward Meeka’s clinical history to them ASAP. With best wishes The AlphaPet Team

5 Stars - 20-01-2018 - Teri

Alphapets provide a wonderful service to its animal customers and their owners. It is welcoming, friendly and you have tremendous support when you and your pet are going through tough times.The vets are honest and give you the options when decisions need to be made. I have been a customer to Alphapet for 14+ years now and the service in all that time has been second to none.

5 Stars - 20-01-2018 - Trudi

The staff at Alphapet West Mead’s have been amazing looking after our dog Brian who developed epilepsy a year ago. Many seizures and 2 massive cluster events where we nearly lost him later all the staff know Brian! I can’t fault the care and attention they’ve given him. Charlotte has been fantastic as has everyone there. I will never forget the nurse (Amy??) rubbing his head and saying ‘come on Brian’ when we thought we were losing him on my kitchen floor. I can’t praise these people highly enough.

5 Stars - 20-01-2018 - Jenny

4 Stars - 13-08-2016 - CAT