Bilton Veterinary Centre

259 Bilton Road
CV22 7EQ



  • A friendly and independent local practice established over 75 years.
  • On site 24 hour emergency treatment and hospitalisation.
  • Experienced and compassionate staff.
  • RCVS Accredited and "Cat Friendly" status achieved.
  • Separate cat waiting room and hospitalisation ward.
  • Ample off-road car parking at the rear of the practice.


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Clinic reviews

2.4 Stars - 12-09-2019 - R.May

Vet Response

I am sorry you have felt the need to write us a negative review. If you wouldn't mind contacting us via and giving us a bit more information about the reasons why you are not happy and we will do our best to respond as necessary. Thank you.

5 Stars - 29-08-2019 - Debbie Hyde

Have been with Bilton for over 14 years always look after my fur babies with such care Tom is our dogs favourite and he always cares for them even to the very end

Vet Response

Thank you Debbie, we really appreciate your kind words!

5 Stars - 21-08-2019 - Jules

Thank you Esme for reassuring two worrying parents of our little girlie springer Tarka whilst she is grieving for her brother.

Vet Response

I shall pass this on to Esme as well. We really hope that Tarka is coping ok and that she continues to improve.

5 Stars - 21-08-2019 - Jules

We cannot thank all of the team enough for their kindness, compassion, dedication and utmost empathy. Special thanks to Tom for looking after our beautiful Springers and especially our boy Jack in the last few months of his life - you have been an absolute star. Ian has supported us on numerous occasions too and latterly our heartfelt thanks to Verity and Meg for your utmost kindness last week when we had to make the heart wrenching decision to let our beautiful boy go to rainbow bridge.

Vet Response

We were all so sad that Jack finally lost his battle with his illness. He was such a lovely dog and we all know what an important part of the family that he was. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes from all of us. x

2.2 Stars - 18-07-2019 - Elaine

I took my dog for a fitting for a inflatable collar after his castration at another surgery as they didn’t have a collar to fit him.The vet tried to fit him with it in the waiting room with loads of dogs around he was very scared and frightened as he didn’t know this practice at all and recently had surgey,he was trying to get away from me as so scared and he clawed my arms and hands I was bleeding and the vet just laughed not just once several times I was hurt and embarrassed as lots of people in waiting room.I didn’t think this was professional at all.

Vet Response

Dear Elaine. Further to my previous email and phone call in response to your complaint, I am sorry that you have had a bad experience at our practice the other day. I have spoken to the vet who saw you that day, and he was mortified to discover that his attempt to "lighten" the atmosphere out of the stressful experience for all parties, ended up being taken in a way that was most definitely not his intention. As I have discussed, the reason we ended up fitting the collar in the waiting room was due to the fact that as a non-booked appointment, we didn't have any available consulting rooms to utilise. Sadly, dogs that are not familiar with their environment (and particularly if they are stressed anyway due to recent surgery) can react in unpredictable ways. You agreed yourself that even if we did have a room available, you felt he wouldn't be happy going in anyways. We always take our customer feedback very seriously, and we have taken your points into consideration and, as always, shall be trying to find ways to improve the level of service that we offer. I can only apologise again if you felt that the standard of care you received that day fell short of your expectations. We all hope that your dog continues to improve after his surgery and can get back to his normal level of activities as soon as possible!

5 Stars - 18-07-2019 - Nick Forman

I would like to thank everyone at Bilton Vets for the caring manner in which they looked after my young Doberman Ziggy. She recently had a life threatening problem with her tongue which would normally result in the dog being put to sleep. Tom and the team went the extra mile to explore any potential options that could save her. Having consulted a soft tissue specialist, Tom took on the task of amputating the majority of Ziggys tongue - an operation that is not generally suggested and one which he had not previously performed. Thanks to Toms dedication and expertise, the operation was a great success and Ziggy has made a full recovery. She has adapted really well having learnt quickly to eat and drink in a different manner - this was largely down to the efforts of Tom and the nursing team. Toms commitment to finding a solution for Ziggy along with the tremendous care and attention that she received from the nurses has meant that Ziggy can now lead a normal life (although a bit slobbery!). I can not recommend Bilton Vets highly enough - they are a tremendous team that are totally committed to the animals they treat. See Ziggys story on Bilton Vets Facebook page

Vet Response

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are so pleased with the outcome for Ziggy and she is certainly a patient that we will never forget!!!

5 Stars - 02-06-2019 - Donna

I’m a regular at the moment as unfortunately my dog Jethro has a nasal tumour and even though there is no cure Tom the vet has made it less stressful with the visits and always shows such kindness to Jethro , I never feel like we are being rushed in our consultation, we also lost our 15 year old collie Poppy in February and all the staff were very considerate, wouldn’t use another surgery only have confidence in Bilton surgery

Vet Response

Thank you so much for the kind words Donna! I shall make sure the rest of the team see this as it means such a lot to us. X

5 Stars - 16-04-2019 - Rosaleen

Having a poorly pet is heart breaking but knowing that you can turn to such experts at such a time makes such a difference. I had that experience this morning with my very precious and loving cat, Joey. I had a home visit from Galina and a very caring nurse. They took Joey back to the surgery for further investigations. Galina keep me up to date at every stage of the process which was wonderful and eventually Galina brought Joey home this afternoon having had extensive dental treatment as well as other procedures. His medical journey has not finished yet as there are follow up visits from nurses in the coming days. I want to thank Galina and the nurse who came this morning..they couldn't have been more helpful and l knew Joey was in safe hands even tho the feeling of sadness and loss were so painful as they took Joey with them. Thank you, breaking and kind nurse for making Joey feel much better. He is now sleeping peacefully.

Vet Response

Thank you so much for your kind words. I apologise that it has taken a while to respond to this review as we have had some computer glitches! We all hope Joey is continuing to do well after his recent treatment. xx

5 Stars - 11-04-2019 - Alison

Vet Response

Thank you so much for your kind words! I shall pass this on to the rest of the team. X

5 Stars - 04-02-2019 - Lisa Boyd

Came to the surgery today with my cat poppy, for her annual checkup. Met Esme who is a first class vet and very friendly lady. She made so much fuss of my cat

Vet Response

Thank you for your kind words. We shall pass these onto Esme who will be delighted!
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