Powderham Veterinary Group - Torquay

Unit 1, The Willows Village Centre


  • Powderham Veterinary Group is a mixed practice, including horses and farm animals
  • 24 hour emergency service available
  • Free Nurse clinics for weight, dental, geriatric and rabbits
  • Internal and external laboratories
  • Our services include dentistry-also for equine, home visits, cryosurgery and endoscopy

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Clinic reviews

5 Stars - 22-04-2017 - Tyra/shilo

Firstly I would like to say we and all our pets have been part of this practice for over 25 years. They have helped our family pets.. cats dogs and our family though some of the most traumatic times of owning a pet. We have always found the vets nurses and reception to be very helpful and understanding. At present we are under mr Cameron with our 10 year old boxer Tyra, who shows being very relaxed and comfortable with being with him. Mr Cameron explains in detail his findings and explains every option available. This weekend myself and my family were convinced it would be the last weekend with her, thank you to all the staff at powderham for all you have done, we know we still have a long way to go with Tyra... She is doing well so far with medication and lots of loving. I would recommend the powerham vets to my family and friends..also would like to say , that to remember when you go pick up that little bundle of fluff that your pet is for their life and to make sure you get the insurance they deserve. #supervets#powderham

5 Stars - 14-02-2017 - Ann R

The receptionists at the desk are always welcoming and efficient. Pusscat had here annual injection and hardly noticed it. She had a very severe infection of the pancreas some months ago and the practice nursed her through. Many thanks.

5 Stars - 13-12-2016 - Martyn

helped my cat Tigger with his kidney issues in a most sensitive, friendly, and professional manner!!! Would thoroughly recommend Powderham vets to everyone!!!

5 Stars - 10-08-2015 - Tony A

My Dog Alfie needed an MRI urgently and then required an immediate operation.The supervets that did the scan/op required payment prior to the proceedures but we did not have the eventual cost of £4,6000 to hand. We needed the powderham team to provide all the necessary information in hard copy of the treatments Alfie needed,the treatments he had already had and any future costs that might be entailed in Alfies treatment.This was all done in their Newton Abbot branch and was available for me to pick up by 2pm the same day. I was then able to e-mail all these details to my insurance company,who were also fantastic as they rang the supervets within 30 minutes to say they would be paid by my insurance company direct and thereby ensuring my dog got the treatment he so needed. This all happened on a thursday and had the paperwork been unavailable until the friday then Alfies op would not have taken place till the following monday.The Powderham team were well aware of the time constraints and went above and beyond what might have been expected of them. A vets practice is not just about the quality of the vets but the quality of the entire team and Powderham have quality in abundance and I always recommend them to people who ask who my vet is and I tell them the reasons why...Tony A

5 Stars - 13-01-2015 - Diane H

Have used this vet for years, trust them with my pets

5 Stars - 18-06-2014 - Tanya

I had to take my dog to see the vet after he was bitten by another dog. The vet was great, she explained the options for treatment and how much it might cost. She then called me later to explain that the treatment plan had changed as the wound was deeper than we had first thought. However she explained it all to me and when I telephoned her later on with further concerns, she listened and offered further reassurance. Thank fully he is now much better and just has to have follow up visits. My dog actually likes going there, so you can't get better than that!

5 Stars - 14-06-2014 - Julie S

Thank you for treating our hamster Pippa with kindness and respect and trying all you could for her. We felt that everything that could have been done was. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend you after bad experiences at other local vets.

5 Stars - 22-03-2014 - A Bitter Pill

5 Stars - 16-03-2014 - Kerry

What a lovely surgery. The best I have been to. So friendly and very caring. Poppy loves the treats too!!!

4.6 Stars - 29-11-2013 - Stuart Beck

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